30 Christmas Traditions you’ll love!

Make Christmas even more special with these festive Christmas traditions. Try one or two or them all 30 if you have enough time! These are such fun to get the whole family in the Christmas spirit and to enjoy the fun and magic around Christmas no matter the age. 

I’m 21 and still do many of these. 

  1. Christmas eve box – Fill a box for everyone each year of Christmas things for Christmas eve, some ideas for the box are matching PJs for everyone, a little chocolate treat, a movie, a book, hot chocolate mix (we love the melting chocolate spoons), Christmas ornament/decoration, socks, Santa hat, ingredients for reindeer food and anything you want to add, don’t add too much just a few things to make Christmas eve special. 
  1. Advent calendar – Nothing is like the Christmas countdown to open a door to find a tiny chocolate. These are so special and a great countdown for anyone. You can buy advent calendars with anything in! Or even better make your own, fill it with a chocolate coin, love notes, little gifts, something different each day, jokes, homemade coupons, activities for the day such as today we get to put up the tree or write Santa a letter, you can fill these with anything and it just makes it that more special. I do this for my boyfriend each year and I think he likes it better than his gifts on the day.
  1. Movie marathon – It’s not Christmas without snuggling on the sofa with snacks and treats for a movie marathon of your favourite Christmas movies. Each person picks their favourite movie and them all together. 
  1. Make a day of putting up the tree – Spend the whole day doing Christmas things when you are putting up your tree. This was one of my favourite days when I was little. We would put Christmas music on, have chocolate and snacks out, and then spend the morning walking around the Christmas tree lot picking the best tree to take home (we also always brought one way too big and had to chop the top off the make it fit in the house), before or after this go to the shops to pick out one or two new baubles or decorations.
  1. Games – Fill your Christmas afternoon or night with games! Play charades, scrabble, Uno, anything you can to have fun and make memories together (I’ll be doing a post on Christmas games soon so keep an eye out)
  1. Christmas desserts – Spend an afternoon in December making Christmas themed treats and desserts. Make anything together and enjoy doing it. Make a cake with Christmas decorations on, tree-shaped cookies, candy canes, etc there’s so many you can choose from. 
  1. Christmas eve dinner – Each of you picks something easy or hard to make for Christmas eve, spend the morning preparing it together. Someone does the starter, someone else for the main and someone else for the desert, don’t tell each other what you’re making but cook for each other and make a fun Christmas eve meal. Get the children involved by getting them to make the dessert or make teams with the parents to make something fun. If you have a small family just pick between you who is doing the main, starter, sides and dessert. Alter this in any way that suits you. In our house, we each make a fun dessert for everyone to try as it’s a little tradition in our house to have a chip shop for dinner before Christmas. 
  1. Save a thought for those less fortunate – you can do this by sparing some cash to buy some Christmas gifts, sparing some food or some time to volunteer on Christmas eve or day. Anything to help is muchly appreciated by everyone in need. 
  1. Ugly jumpers – Have a competition each Christmas day by who can find the ugliest jumper. Do a secret Santa type buy or buy your own. Spread some smiles with ugly jumpers. 
  1. Write to Santa – Get the children to write Santa a letter, go down to your post box and let them post it off. A bonus tip for this tradition is if he writes back to the children.
  1. Elf on the shelf – Have fun doing elf on the shelf, see what mischief the elf can get up to. This activity is so exciting and funny for the children to wake up to each morning to see what he did at night. It’s also fun for the adults to find naughty things the elf can do. 
  1. Make gifts or decorations – Spend a day or afternoon making gifts or decorations together. Put some Christmas music on and have some fun snacks available. 
  1. Paper Chain countdown – This is another fun countdown you can make together as a family. Do 24 links in a paper chain and start ripping them off daily. To make it more exciting write a note on each one, this can be a joke, an idea for a good deed for everyone that day, a challenge etc. 
  1. Go to a Christmas market – This is always a great thing to get you in the Christmas spirit, I love doing this each year. We spend the evening wandering and looking at the little stalls and filling our tummies with yummy foods. We don’t really buy anything other than some dinner and always get a chocolate melting spoon for our hot chocolates on Christmas eve. 
  1. Be Santa – Drop little anonymous gifts or homemade treats to people in your neighbourhood that are alone. This might just make their Christmas. 
  1. Invite someone lonely over for dinner – If you know of someone that’s alone and has no family for Christmas invite them over for dinner. This is such a lovely thing to do to spread the Christmas cheer. It can’t be nice to spend a special day feeling lonely. Even better if you get them a little gift to open too. 
  1. Make a gingerbread house – Have a competition on who can make the best or make a giant one together to decorate. This can be used as dessert on Christmas day. 
  1. Send Christmas cards – To everyone you know and anyone else that might be lonely. If you know anyone in the neighbourhood that might not get any cards, make their day better by sending them one, you might just make a friend out of this. 
  1. Make a gift for each other – Christmas doesn’t just have to be spending lots of money on gifts, try making one for each other. One of my favourite gifts that I got from my boyfriend was a picture he made for me. 
  1. Hot chocolate station – Make a tray or side that is a holiday hot chocolate station. Add Christmas mugs, jars of toppings, different flavours, marshmallows, etc. This makes those cold nights a little bit more perfect. 
  1. Handprint memories – Buy a plain Christmas table cloth/tree skirt or something that you get out every year at Christmas and draw around the hands of the children each year, write their names inside with the year. Watch their little hands grow every year. 
  1. Notepad favourites – Buy a notepad and get everyone to write their favourite thing from that Christmas, repeat this each year and look back on the memories in future Christmases. You can do this from very young, ask the children their favourite thing about Christmas and write it down. It is a very beautiful book of memories. 
  1. Letters – Parents write a letter each year about the children’s years and their Christmas, keep these to give back when they are older. Make a box full of these and give them as a Christmas gift in their 18th year or 21st year. The children will love looking back on their years. 
  1. Christmas boxes- Each year make a Christmas box full of cookies, treats, little gifts etc and give out to charities or hospital workers, police workers, dog homes, children in hospitals, etc anyone that works or is away from home on Christmas day. Then on Christmas morning take ten minutes to drop it off to spread Christmas cheer. This is a great way to give back to the people that help us in daily life or just people that might need cheering up. 
  1. Sparkling letters – Get the children to write a letter to Santa, put it in an envelope and when they aren’t looking put in some shaved off sparklers. Then go outside and get a grown-up to light it on fire and say if it sparkles on your nice list. This is so fun and exciting for little ones to know if they are on the naughty or nice list. 
  1. Prepare Christmas dinner – Prepare everything you can together the night before, this will make a job easier Christmas morning meaning the ‘chef’ of the house can also enjoy the day more. As well as getting the little ones to help out with making the dinner. 
  1. Reindeer food- Make your own reindeer food (bird food with eco-friendly glitter) and sprinkle it in the garden Christmas eve so they have a treat when they land, you can also leave ‘hoofprints’ on the ground for the children to see. 
  1. Treats for Santa – Just before the children go to bed on Christmas eve get them to leave treats and a note for Santa on the fireplace. In my house, we have always done a carrot, mince pie and a red bull as they give you wings. 
  1. Santa’s footprints – Make ‘snowy’ boots prints for the children to find on Christmas day. Make a trail from the fireplace to where the stockings are. You can make the prints by dipping some large work boots in flour and printing them on the floor.
  1. Flightpath – Make a flight path for Santa to know where to land. You can use old jam jars with tealights in all in a row so Santa knows where to stop. Lay them out with the children before bed and light them together. 

I hope you enjoy these traditions and take them up in your home. 

Let me know which ones you love! And which ones go well with your family. 

Merry Christmas … Everyone deserves a very happy one this year! 


Halloween FUN!!!

So Halloween is coming up fast! Faster than you properly released so here are some super fun and easy spooky things to help you through the haunted holiday. 

Five last-minute costumes 

With all of the stress of this year you need something quick and easy, here are five fun and easy Halloween costume ideas with instructions on how to make them. 

  1. Mummy- This is by far the easiest last-minute costume and can be done with most things you would normally have in your home. Grab some toilet tissue or bandages and dress yourself or your child in white, cream or light brown. Try to stick with neutral colours. And wrap them up in tissue or bandages! It’s as simple as that. Just make sure if you’re using toilet tissue it isn’t raining. 
  1. Rain cloud- For this costume, you need a big hat or an umbrella, cotton wool, string and blue paper/card or material. Glue the cotton wool onto the hat or umbrella (I love the umbrella one especially if you’re going trick or treating.) and try to make it look like a cloud. Next tie the string to the edges of the hat or umbrella and cut the blue card or material to a raindrop shape, pock a hole in the top and tie them to the strings. Dress your child or yourself in white, black or grey. Add some welly boots to finish the look. 
  1. Scuba diver- All you need for this is 2 2liter empty bottles, goggles, small rubber tube (small hose pipe), string, tape and paint. Paint the bottles any colour, as well as the rubber tube (the tube is best black but you can pick any colour). Tape the two bottles together next to each other. Poke a hole in the bottom of the bottles and thread the string through and pull it out at the top, and tie a knot but leave enough room for arms to fit through. Make it like a kind of backpack. Next, attach the rubber tube to the top of one of the bottles with the tape and if your child still uses a dummy tape the dummy handle to the rubber tube. Then dress your child in black, add the googles, and put on the bottle backpack and your scuba diver is good to go! 
  1. Spider- For this, you need two pairs of tights black or brown, something to stuff them with (socks is a good thing for this) and finally something to attach the ‘spider legs’ to the t-shirt. Dress your children in black or brown to match the tights. Cut the tights in half down the leg and tie a knot in the end with two holes. Turn that one inside out and fill them all with socks or stuffing. You need six of these but depending on how big your child is, you can get away with making three and attaching them at the back in the middle so they stick out and make six legs (the other two legs will be your child’s arms.) Attach the spider legs to the t-shirt by sewing them down the middle back of the t-shirt, or use good tape or iron-on adhesive. And there is your simple spider costume. 
  1. Bunch of grapes- This might be my favourite simple costume. All you need is purple or green grapes and a needle and thread. Blow up lots of balloons, you’ll need more the bigger your child is and then sew the little knot at the bottom (be sure not to poke and pop the balloon) to a long t-shirt or dress. That is all! You have a little bunch of grapes. 

Five fun activities 

Here are five fun activities for you and your family to play at Halloween. Enjoy your time together and collect moments. 

  1. Jelly bobbing- For this activity you need- Jelly (green or red is best but any colour will do.) and wrapped up sweets and a large container. Fill the container up a little bit with jelly and then drop in a few sweets when it’s nearly set so that the sweets are spaced out and harder to get. repeat this until the container is full. Then set up the activity for your children to take turns to try and get the sweets and push their face into the jelly. This was an activity I remember I loved from when I was little! Make sure you have a towel on hand. It can get messy! 
  1. Apple bobbing- For this activity you need- Apple, large container and water. Fill the container with water and drop a few apples in. Have a towel to hand again. Let the children go wild and dunk their heads trying to get the apples. Then let them have the apples as a snack for a little bit of fruit this Halloween season.
  1. Toilet paper mummy game- For this activity, all you need is toilet tissue. This is a group game so see who wins the race and see who makes the best mummy!
  1. Pumpkin patch stomp – For this activity, all you need is orange balloons and prizes or sweets. Blow up orange balloons and fill with a few sweets or prizes then let the fun begin as the children run around popping the balloons.
  1. Pin the bowtie on the skeleton – For this activity, all you need is large paper or card, paint or pencils and some blue tac. Draw or paint a large skeleton and a bow tie to fit and that’s it. Blindfold the player and spin them around then see how they do at matching the bow tie on to the skeleton. 

Five arts and crafts

Five super simple and easy crafts to do with the whole family. 

  1. Flying ghost – This is a super easy craft project you can do with children any age. You need a paper cup, white paint, string, glue and paper or tissue paper. First, you need to paint the upside-down cup white and then glue the paper or tissue paper on the top, so that it sort of drapes over the top, I also found that normal tissues work great too! Lastly, pock a hole in the top of the cup (bottom) and thread the string through. Tie it in a knot and hang it anywhere around the house. These are great little ghosts to make your home spooky this Halloween. Bonus tip: get a black pen or googly eyes to add eyes to your ghosts. 
  1. Spider web – This is a little more difficult but still can be done with toddlers and older children. All you need is lolly sticks, white paint, glue and white string or wool. Get two lolly sticks and glue them together in the middle to make an X. Then once that is dry paint the sticks white. When the paint is dry tie one end of the string or wool, either work well, to the centre of the X and start wrapping the string around the X. Make sure you or the children are threading up and down so that the string is on both sides of the X. Tie the end to the lolly sticks or glue it down and that it! Super simple. This makes a spider web that looks so cute hanging down or in the corner. Try to find little toy spiders or make some of your own to go with the webs. 
  1. Handprint spiders – For this, you need black paint and paper also a great thing to add is googly eyes and black glitter. This is an easy fun activity that children of any age and development can do. You need to paint the child’s hand and fingers (not including the thumb) and print it on the paper and then paint the same hand again and print with the fingers facing the other way (for the spider legs) and the palms matching up to make the spider’s body. Cut it out and there you have handprint spiders! Add glitter or googly eyes to extend the fun. 
  1. Pumpkin mosaic- You need paper, different orange (or any) coloured paper/tissue paper, a pen and glue. To do this you need to draw a pumpkin on the white paper. Once that is drawn you can cut the different shades of orange paper out into tiny squares or other shapes. The next step is to glue the little bits of paper to the pumpkin drawing to make an orange mosaic one. This activity can be done with children of all ages and development levels. Bonus tip: if you don’t have orange paper but orange and white paint, mix some different shades of orange and paint some paper beforehand. Let this dry and cut it into small shapes and you can use this to mosaic with.  
  1. Monster faces – This activity needs paper or card in a few different colours, glue and scissors- Firstly draw a couple of different monster head shapes. Then you need to cut out different shapes to make faces for monsters that can be triangle eyes, spiky teeth, button eyes etc. Let your imagination go wild. Try to do different sizes and colours and let your child make their own monsters. They will love picking the different face parts to put together to make a monster face. 

Five Halloween dinners

Spicy up your dinner this Halloween with these fun and scary recipes. 

  1. Stuffed jack o lantern peppers- You need peppers, a knife and anything you want to fill them with! First, you need to cook or prepare the filling for the peppers. Then cut the top off the peppers gently and cut out all of the seeds. The next step is where the fun begins, calve the pepper like a pumpkin. Fill the jack o lantern peppers with the prepared filling, wrap them in foil and pop them into a preheated oven at 180 fans for 30 minutes or until tender. Then take off the foil and cook them uncovered for 5-10 minutes. 
  1. Mummy dogs- This is super simple. You need puff pastry, one egg and sausages. Cut the pastry into thin strips (about 1-2 cm) and wrap them around the sausages. Brush them with a beaten egg and pop them in the oven for 25-30 minutes (until the sausage is cooked and the pastry looks golden) 
  1. Potato heads- This super creepy dish is so easy to make, all you need is medium potatoes. Preheat the oven to 220c or 200 fans. Carve a face into the potatoes as you would do with a pumpkin. Do holes for eyes, nose and mouth in each potato. Pop them on a baking tray and drizzle them with oil. Make sure all of the faces are facing upwards and roast them for 40-45 minutes until golden and crispy. 
  1. Puking Pumpkin- Carve a pumpkin that looks like he is sick (do a wide mouth), and pop him to the side for later. Now you need to decide and make whatever you would like for the filling. It can be anything, I like to do it with chilli or spaghetti bolognese. Make sure you use a large tray or cover the table with cling film before you start this next step. Place the pumpkin where you would like it and pour what you have made into the pumpkin and watch how it pours out of his mouth, looking like he is being sick. I suggest doing this when you are ready to eat unless the dish can be eaten cold. 
  1. Monster pizza- This is a very easy meal to make. You can either buy made pizza or make them yourself. Cut up lots of different toppings and let everyone make their own monster pizzas by adding the topping to look like a scary face. 

Five Halloween treats 

Add these to your spooky night to hit your sweet tooth. 

  1. Ghost strawberries- You need strawberries and white chocolate and milk chocolate. Wash your strawberries and dip them in melted white chocolate. Make sure they are covered with chocolate and set them out to dry. Once they are dry melt the milk chocolate and use the tip of a chopstick to dot some eyes on the ghosts. 
  1. Rice crispy brains- You need rice crispies, butter and marshmallows. This recipe is to make 12 servings so alter to fit your needs. Melt 3 tablespoons of butter in a large saucepan on low heat. Add 10oz of marshmallows, and stir until melted. Remove from the heat and add 6 cups of rice crispies. Let this cool until it can be handled and then shape them into balls and try to make a brain shape. Pop in the fridge or an airtight container until serving. Bonus tip: add a drop or two of red food colouring for pink brains. 
  1. Witches fingers- for this you can use chocolate finger biscuits or bake your own. If you bake your own, roll them into sausage shapes (to look like fingers). Next, dip them in white chocolate with green food colouring in and add jam to the fingertips where the nail will go. For the nails, you can use almond nuts or raisins, (anything in that sort of shape). The end result will look like the witches fingers have blood on. 
  1. Pumpkin cake pops- This is super simple, just make pop cakes and dips them in orange icing or white chocolate with orange food colouring in. Decorate the pumpkins as you wish by adding little faces with black icing. 
  1. Graveyard cups- for this you need instant chocolate pudding, Oreos (with the filling removed), tombstone shaped cookies and black icing or melted milk chocolate as well as clear plastic cups. Fill the cups with the instant pudding. Crush the Oreos with a rolling pin to make them look like dirt. Add these to the top. Decorate the tombstone cookies with RIP and push that into the pudding, not too much as you want it to stick out like a grave. Now it’s done, keep it in the fridge until serving and add gummy worms to make it more exciting. 

Have a great Halloween everyone and don’t forget to collect moments with your loved ones!


Start your day right

Everything mums, dads, nannies, carers and everyone need to do the night before to help your day run smoothly! 

  • Outfits and shoes!- First things first get the outfits ready for the next day. This isn’t just the kid’s things either. Pick yourself a nice outfit that will help you feel and look good, you will often find yourself grabbing anything or not being as stylish in the morning. So ensure that everyone has an outfit out and ready for the next day. Make sure you don’t need to iron anything as well! The best thing I have found to do is lay each child’s outfit on the dresser the night before, everything they will be putting on that morning so make sure you put pants as well as school jumpers, that you never have enough of. I also go a little bit further and layout any creams or accessories they might need to such as hairbrush and bobbles. This will save you rummaging around the bottom of your handbag for an old hair bobble at 6 in the morning! Trust me we have all been there. Also, don’t forget their SHOES! These are a nightmare to find in the morning and your kids will never remember where they took them off. 
  • Packed lunches- When I’m preparing or cooking dinner in the evening I also make the children’s packed lunches whilst waiting for the pasta to boil or chicken to cook. Pack everything needed in their lunch boxes the night before and it will make a quick and easy grab for the morning rather than stressing out about making two sandwiches, one lunch for yourself and then whatever you can find for the fussy child! There’s always one!! So pack the school lunches the night before as well as filling up their water bottles. Make sure you do your own if needed as well. 
  • Bags ready- My next tip is to get the bags ready. School bags, nursery bags, playdate bags, and your own too! Fill them with everything needed for the day ahead and then this will make it so much quicker to grab your bag and lunch and head out of the door. Make sure you don’t forget extra nappies! This is a good time to check your handbag and other bits for rubbish. 
  • Quick tidy round- Do a quick five or ten minute tidy the night before anything or try to do it every night! Get everyone involved and put on some quick fun music and have a run around tidying up. Get the little ones to help with their things too, if they see you tidying they are more likely to help out too! By doing this it will less likely stress you out in the morning knowing the house is already tidy and you can leave knowing it’s not too messy. 
  • To-do list- This is my number one rule for everything in life. Always make a todo list. This will help you know exactly what your day is going to be like and what you need to do and get done. It also helps you not to forget anything. Do a little list of what the day has in store for you and tick them off as you go. Write as much or as little as you need and knowing it’s been thought about and written down you know that you can relax in the morning without everything running around your head. 
  • Get breakfast ready- Or at least semi-ready. Get your breakfast table ready for the next morning (well as much as you can, obviously don’t leave the milk out overnight). Get spoons, bowls, cereals, or plates. Whatever you have for breakfast, prepare it as much as you can. If your children have cereal, put one or two boxes on the table with bowls and spoons. This will help your children decide what to have quicker and allow them to try to help themselves. This allows you to carry on doing things elsewhere knowing that they are starting to make it themselves and then come and help them pour the milk. Or something that my mummy used to do when I was little, was pour a little bit of milk in a jug and let us pour it ourselves, this helps with independence as well as hand-eye coordination. So get breakfast semi-ready and set the table the night before. 
  • Meal prep for the evening- Either meal prep for the next day or just plan what you’re going to have and make sure you have everything you need, this will help stop any last-minute shopping trips before dinner. If you can pick what you are going to have and chop some bits and then in the morning throw everything in the slow cooker and put it on slow for the day. This means dinner is ready whenever you are! Saving you so much time and stress of cooking. 
  • Shower- This depends on what type of person you are, the night before, the morning of or both. Personally, I’m both but if you shower in the morning and find yourself rushing try and shower yourself and the children the night before so it’s less of a rush in the morning. Or do a main shower in the evening and then a quick fresh on up in the morning. 
  • Put everything in the right place- Make sure your keys and purse are in the right place the night before so that you can find them the next morning. How many times have you been rushing for work or school and can not find your keys! Do this so you don’t scramble around for them in the morning. By something so simple as putting things back it will save you so much time and stress. 
  • Check the weather- A great thing I have got into the routine of doing recently is checking the weather. By checking the weather the night before you can get everything ready and prepared for the next day. You can make sure that everyone’s outfit matches what the weather will be, as well as getting any raincoats or sun cream ready for the morning. 
  • Set alarms- Do this before you get into bed. Set any alarms or reminders ready for the morning so that you don’t forget, wake up on time and ready for your day. This is so important as forgetting a simple alarm can ruin your whole day. But even if you do forget it, at least everything else is prepared and will be a smooth quick run out of the door. It’s the worst when you plan to do something in the morning and then wake up late and don’t get a chance, so make sure everything is ready for the day ahead.
  • Homework is done and any letters from the school signed- Make sure that any homework is done before bedtime so that they don’t spring it on you in the morning when you have exactly two minutes to get in the car before your late for the day. This can be an easy routine of checking the children’s bags the night before and getting them ready, this way you can see any homework needed to be completed before the morning. Also, check for any letters or school slips that need to be signed and sign them now so you can put them back without forgetting. 
  • Unstack the dishwasher- By doing this the night before it is easy to fill in the morning and will make it easier to leave the house mess-free in the morning (well tidier anyway). 
  • Check the calendar- Check for any events and things you might have forgotten for both yourself and the children. Make sure that they don’t have any school trips or their own clothes days that you have forgotten. If you do this the night before you can prepare for any surprises in the morning. 
  • Wind Down- Have some relaxing time, no screens or tv and just relax. Read a book, chat to your partner or just have some quiet time to yourself. With limiting or no screen time before bed it helps you get a good night sleep as well as wake up feeling refreshed. If you have also got into the habit of putting the TV on in bed with your partner try and minimise this and just spend time together, it will help you both chat and be in love. 

Start your day right and enjoy the little things, don’t forget to collect moments, not things.


Family Nights In

Bored of the same thing every night? Change it up a bit with different family fun. 

Here are 50 fun family nights in… 

1) Dance party- Put your favourite songs on, old songs, party songs, kids songs. Take it in turns to pick songs and dance the night away. Who has the craziest moves!?

2) Ice cream sundae bar- Make an ice cream parlour station with lots of toppings, sprinkles, chopped fruit, cones, and bowls. Let the kids pick and make their own, you can even get them to make the parents ones. They will love this and have free range over how many toppings they can have. 

3) Movie night- Grab some popcorn and cuddle up with a movie.

4) Lego night- Can you make a city, a house, anything! I love lego you can make literally anything. If you don’t have lego, buy a big set, and make it together. It is so much fun and then makes sure you each have a character and pretend play together, your children will love you being involved. 

5) Go on an evening bike ride- Take a picnic if you want and stop somewhere pretty for your dinner. Your children will love the fact that dinner doesn’t have to always be at the table the same every night. It also helps you get outside in the fresh air. 

6) Play a board game- Whether it be Monopoly, Mousetrap, or Cluedo. Have a little bit of healthy competition. 

7) Have an art night- Paint, draw, glue and stick, build, anything. Spend your night getting creative. Paint rocks, each other, your hopes and dreams. 

8) Shadow stories- Turn the lights low and make shadows with your hands. Each person makes stories to go with these puppets. 

9) Plan days out- Make a huge list of all of the things you and your children want to do, as wild and exciting as you want, and keep that list. This will help planning days out in the future and you’ll be able to see what your children want to do and enjoy, they might surprise you. 

10) Smores and campfire- Make a campfire in the garden and make smores. Enjoy being outside and in the fresh air together. Let the children help find some firewood, you might need to go on a family walk to collect some more. 

11) Tye dye- Spend the night tye dyeing clothes, your children will love making and designing their own clothes. It is a fun activity and they will love the big reveal in the morning. Make matching and spend the next day wearing them together. 

12) Charades- This doesn’t just need to be a Christmas game. Either make them up as you go or write different things down on little bits of paper and put them in a bowl. See who’s best at acting them out and who’s great at guessing. 

13) DIY- Make something together, you can all make a photo frame each and pick your favourite photos, it can be anything! The children will love making something for the house and having it on display. Go to the beach and pick some shells to glue, get some buttons, or other little bits to add to their DIY. 

14) Hide and seek in the dark- Turn the lights off, maybe leave a night light on if the children are little, and hide. This is such an exciting game to play in the dark. 

15) Do a puzzle together- Pick out a puzzle from the shops or order one of your photos on a puzzle! This is such fun to do when chatting and listening to your children. 

16) Play bingo- Make your own cards and play bingo together. Make sure you have a little prize for the winner! 

17) Kids cook- Teach the children how to cook dinner for you all or help them with the hard things such as cutting and putting in the over and let them go wild. Even better if you let them chose what to cook and pick out the ingredients at the shops. 

18) Karaoke- Sing your favourite songs and have a little boogie. You can find most songs on youtube as a karaoke version! 

19) Go on a family evening walk- wrap up warm and go on an evening walk. Feel free to be in your PJs! 

20) Do a talent show- practice your routines, performances, songs, whatever you choose. Put on a performance and have a giggle. 

21) Have a game of truth or dare- Do silly dare with the children and have some fun. Google some truths and dares if you can’t think of any but try to think of some first. 

22) Have a photoshoot- Get dressed up or stay in your PJs and have a photo shoot. Do poses, funny faces, and use props. Have fun and be silly. These photos will be great memories of the night. 

23) Watch the sunset together- Whether it’s in your garden or at the top of a local hill but together and at the moment. Take a couple of photos and enjoy the time under the sun. 

24) Read together- Pick a few family books or read a couple of chapters of a big one, just snuggle up together and parents read out loud to your children. If your children can read maybe get them to read a couple of pages too. 

25) Bake something- A cake, cookies, flapjack, anything. Bonus if you can have a bit before bed as a treat. 

26) Slumber party- Each get your favourite pillows and have a pillow fight, a PJ party! Put some music on and dance on the bed. Mess around and have fun. Finish the night with a pizza in bed. 

27) Do a science experiment together- Have a look and pick your favourite experiment to do. Build a volcano and watch it explode, make a lava lamp, and watch the bubble go wild. 

28) Have a nerf gun war- Load the nerf guns and run around the house and garden trying to hit each other. Whoever gets hit the least wins! 

29) Make a donation box- Get the children and sort the toys, clothes, and other things in the house to give to people who need it most. Donate the toys to local hospitals, send the clothes to less fortunate families. This will help clear your house of things you no longer need or use and give them to people that need them. 

30) Make a play- Get the children to make up a play and rehears it. Then help them pick some outfits to fit the play. Parents sit back and watch your children play. Bonus if you make teams and both perform to each other. 

31) Campout in the lounge- Make a den and camp out in the lounge. Grab loads of blankets and pillows, make a den by tying them together, putting them on the backs of chairs, and anything you can do to make a blanket tent. This is a different night for the children and they will love the fun of it! 

32) Dress up and have a dinner party- Put on your fanciest clothes and make a posh dinner for the family. Give the children wine glasses with lemonade, use your fancy plates, and just have fun with it. 

33) Photo albums- Look through your old photo albums and go down memory lane. If you have photos from before the children, let the children look through them and tell them about your life before them, the backstory to the photos. Children love to learn about their parents and what they were like as children, teenagers, and before they came about. 

34) Play cards- Play different card games, make bets with pennies or sweets. I used to do this all the time when I was a child and I loved it. Seeing who was winning and picking how much to bet on the cards. 

35) Dreams- Write down all of your hopes and dreams as a family. Get the children to write theirs down or write them down for them. Keep these and give them to the children when they are older and see if their dreams have changed. 

36) Stargaze- Watch the stars in the garden or on the hill, anywhere really. Let the children stay up a little later and watch them. Look out for shooting stars to make a wish on. Take this time to talk to your children about the stars and planets and help them understand what is beyond the clouds. 

37) Do a scavenger hunt- This can be anything and everything. Make a list of different things such as ‘find something.. 1) with a nose, 2)blue, 3) triangle’ It can be in the home, garden, or out and about. Children love to find things and tick them off the list. 

38) Make pizza- Make a homemade pizza. Do this like the ice cream parlour, have lots of different toppings and let the children make and design their own pizzas.

39) Let the children pick- Ask the children what they want to do for the night and follow their dreams within reason. 

40) Make your own board game- Get a big bit of cardboard, card, and colours and go wild. Make your own game, make rules and counters. 

41) Camp out in the garden- Spend the afternoon setting up a tent and spend the night camping. Pretend you’re really camping and cook on a campfire/portable stove. Have fun and tell campfire stories. All from the luxury of your own garden, meaning if it’s too cold you can snuggle up in bed or if you need the toilet you can just run in. 

42) Make a bird feeder- There are many different types you can make! Then hang them in the garden and spend the morning watching out for birds! 

43) Have a theme night- This could be anything! A pink theme, Mexican food theme, boys only (dress up as boys), only things starting with T (tacos, tomatoes, etc). Dress up and serve food to match. 

44) Bury a time capsule- Get together a few different things that you and the children want to bury. Take a photo of you all and print it out that night if possible and add that as well as each of you writing a letter for the future family. If possible bury it in the garden, if not bury it in your wardrobe, and don’t look at it for ten years. Keep it buried or safe. 

45) Make sun catchers- You can make these a few different ways with the things you might have at home already. These are great fun and will make a beautiful morning in your home. Hand them up ready for the morning. 

46) At home bowling- Use a few cups and a ball to make your own bowling experience. Clear the floor in the lounge/kitchen and bowl away. Make some fun snacks and drinks for the night too. Keep the score and have fun! 

47) Make sock puppets- Get some old odd socks and draw/glue faces on them. 

48) Have a treasure hunt- Hide some treasure (chocolate coins, sweets, little toy gems, etc) and make a map or little clues to help your children find them. Once all of the treasure has been found get the children to hide them for you! 

49) Paint kindness rocks- Paint some pretty rocks with kinds and happy quotes on. Spend the next morning hiding them in your local area. 

50) Make jewellery for each other- Pasta bracelets, bead rings, etc. Everyone makes one for someone or make lots for everyone! 

Enjoy your time as a family and collect memories and moments to cherish forever. 


100 Dates- Keep the spark alive!

Stuck for ideas on what to do with your loved one, look no further here are 100 of the best dates either in your home or out and about.

Old fashioned picnic- Head to your local park, woods, beach or field, where ever really. You can also go further afield and have a google of some nice views or places to have your picnic. You don’t need to go far even your garden is perfect! 

Hike- Find a short or long hike, pack your favourite snacks and water, and hit the road. I love going on hikes with my partner. You see so many beautiful things and it gives you the time to just chat about anything and everything. We also take earphones sometimes and have a little boogie walk for a bit. 

Out for breakfast- When you think of going out for food on a date it’s usually an evening date but change this up and go for breakfast! 

Cook for each other- Change this up by making it a competition who can host the best evening, to change this up a little more try it with another couple or some friends. 

Take out and movie in bed- This is the ultimate way to snuggle down and relax with your loved one. 

Art class together- Paint or draw don’t worry if you’re not an artist just have fun with it and enjoy each other’s company. If you don’t want to go to a class just pick up some supplies and paint at home, paint each other if you dare.  

Aquarium– I love the aquarium. My partner and I go to these all the time. We like travelling and nearly always stop at the city’s aquarium. 

Bike ride- Whether you have your own or rent them for the day this is such fun. Find a trail and pack a picnic. My partner and I did this recently in the evening and had a dark ride home after a dinner picnic but it was perfect!! Just make sure you have torches.

Afternoon tea- Find a cute little cafe or a fancy restaurant whichever you pick, you’ll have the cutest sandwiches and the yummiest cakes. 

Bowling- Go bowling together or grab a group of friends. 

Paintballing- If you’re not scared of being hit this is a super fun day out! I was about 15 when my partner and I tried this for the first time it was so much fun. We went home a little dirty and covered in bruises but it was worth it. 

Botanical garden- This is such a sweet date. Have a little wonder around the gardens and stop for ice cream or a cake at the local cafe. The fresh air and flowers are so uplifting on a dry day. 

Castle- Go to your local castle or drive further and explore some more. It could be ruins to walk around or dungeons to jump out of.

Drive through and park up- This is a date we often do and have done more since COVID. Get a take out and park somewhere with a view or anywhere! Put some background music on and chat the night away…

Golf- Mini, crazy, or even a golf range is a super fun date. Bonus if you have both never done golf before. It might be a sport you can get in to together! 

Concert/comedy show- Whether you have to book it months in advance to see your favourite band or just see what’s on for that night and if there are tickets spare. Even if you don’t know or like the band being there and just dancing with your partner is amazing! The same for a comedy show, give any of them a go and there a good chance you can get some giggles. 

Rock climbing/ climbing wall- This is super fun and adrenaline full date. If it is your first or 100th date this is properly something new to try together. Push each other to the limits and reward each other’s efforts later. 

Fruit picking- This is one of my favourite summertime dates. Strawberries, apples, raspberries whatever is local to you. Find a farm and pick away. You can also find places to pick fruit on the sides of roads, walks, etc. In England you can always find wild blackberry bushes, just wipe them on your t-shirt and taste as you go! 

Stargaze with hot chocolates- Pack some chocolate or cookies and head to a quiet spot and star gaze with a flask of hot chocolate! You can even do this in your garden! Just make sure you pick a dry night!! 

Massages, either a couple one or do each other- Hire someone to come over and massage you both, go to a massage parlour or just do each other! Put some calming romantic music on and relax in each other’s company.

Go Dancing!– Get dressed up and head out for a boogie.

Lazor tag- Grab another couple or just go you two. 

Karaoke- In your home or at a bar. Go wild and have fun with this. 

Ice skating- This is super fun even if it isn’t Christmas.

Stay home and dance- Put some music on and grab a drink. Have fun and show off stupid moves all within the comfort of your own home. (share some earphones if the kids are in bed!)

Games night- Try to learn some new card games and play some board games. This can just be you guys or invite some friends over.

Escape room- Work together to get out and then celebrate with a slice of cake at the coffee shop. 

Roll dice and drive- Make your own rules. Roll dice and go. These rules could be anything. For example whatever you roll that’s how many exits you pass or how many times you turn. 

Wine tasting- Even if you don’t like wine, you’ll still have a great time laughing with your other half. 

Museum- Any! Go to your local one, one you haven’t been to and didn’t think you would. Or just wander around an art museum and pick your favourite pieces. 

Horse riding- If its the first time or something you do often a horse ride with your partner is beautiful and fun! 

Farmer market- Pick out some fresh fruits and veg, pick something new to try, or just wander around. 

Thrift shopping- Who can get the best deal, bonus if you pick a few things out and have a competition to sell them, who can make the most money.

 Ghost tour- Get close and be scared together. 

Theme park- Get your thrills and have an exciting day together.

Bake- Bake a cake, cookies, a pie, anything! 

Fly kite- Find a hill nearby and fly a kite, this is super fun on a windy day! 

Sunrise/set- Get up early and take breakfast to watch the sunrise, or go on a hike and watch the sunset. 

Play sports together- Even if never tried it, sometimes that’s the most enjoyable. Hire some tennis rackets, have a game of badminton. 

Surfing- Hire a board or take yours out. Spend a day together trying to learn or master the sport. 

Cooking class- Learn a new recipe, try new food, or just get better at cooking. Help each other and enjoy the class together.

Drinking games- Play truth and dare, beer pong, whichever you chose there’s so many to pick from. 

Take a spontaneous day trip- Go somewhere different, somewhere you have always wanted to, so what if it’s a two-hour drive, put some songs on and enjoy each other. 

Go to an animal shelter- See if you can take a few of the pups on a walk, you may even fall in love and take one home.

Go geocaching

Go for a midnight walk, bike ride, or skateboard!- Find out how quiet your area is in the middle of the night but keep it quiet too. 

Find a puzzle- Chat away as you piece it back together or put an audiobook on and enjoy the time together.

Go to a class- A dance class, pottery, painting, etc.

Watch a sports game and make bets to get it exciting.

Have a bubble bath with a bottle of wine- Put on some romantic music and light some candles to set the mood.

Make t-shirts for each other- Grab a sharpie, fabric paints, fabric glue. Do a silly or nice design and wear them for dinner that night.  

Make a scrapbook- This can be a good way to keep your memories, stick some photos in, write each other messages, stick old movie tickets in and ensure you leave room for the future too. It might remind you to take more photos.

Have a spa night with each other- Have a face mask, have a bubble bath, massages, foot rubs, facials, etc. 

Make a bucket list together- Think of all the things you both want to do together make a huge list and start ticking some things off. 

Read to each other- pick a new or one of your favourites and take turns reading chapters to each other, make it super romantic light some candles and turn the lights low. 

Go to a pub quiz- Test your knowledge and see how you do at a pub quiz. 

Go skinny dipping- Get adventurous and go skinny dipping. This will get your heart pumping. 

Play how well do you know me- Test your knowledge on each other and see how well you know one another! You might even learn something new. 

Create your dream lives – Think of your dream job, house, family holidays, etc (then plan how you can make this happen).

Make a fire and have smores- Make s’ mores by the fire and snuggle together in the dark.

Have a seasonal date – Pumpkin picking, holiday lights, etc. 

Make/go for ice cream- Go and pick out the best sprinkles and toppings or stay home and make your own ice cream!

Go to an arcade- Each gets a couple of pounds worth of coins and see who can win the most back. 

Kayak- Find a river to kayak on. This is a great time to chat and work together on the water. My boyfriend and I do this everywhere we can. 

Strip Jenga- Every time you knock it over, take an item off and start over. To change this up a bit paint your Jenga set with dares and when you pull one out, do the dare! 

Go fishing- Spend a quiet day by the water and see who can get the biggest catch.

Work out together- Try couples yoga or any other workout on youtube, get all hot and sweaty. 

Have a water gun fight- Be kids again, see who can get the wettest!

Have a bbq- Pick your favourite bbq foods and put song summer songs on whilst you cook. 

Play hide and seek in the dark!!

Nerf war- Hide and shoot each other, this is so exciting if you’re competitive. 

Find a DIY to try together- Try a new DIY to improve your home or just to have fun with, you can find so many things to try on Pinterest. 

Wash your cars together- Wear as little as possible to make it fun, get each other wet and soapy. 

Go to a food festival- Try as much as you can, you might find a new favourite. 

Take the train to a local place- Try somewhere you’ve never been to and discover it, go to the local family-run cafe, and take a stroll around. Youll often find hidden gems!

A drive-in movie

Buy each other an outfit- Have a budget and got to the shops to buy each other an outfit for dinner that night. Make it as nice or silly as possible. Thrift shopping is the best for this. 

Go food shopping and pick lots of little appetizers and different fruits veggies and snacks- Make a little snack dinner together and pick at it whilst chatting and cuddling to your favourite show.

Create cocktails for each other- Try new ones or recreate favourites. 

Have a strip tease- Put on some sexy music and dance your clothes off. 

Have a photoshoot- Take your fanciest outfits and do a fashion show photo shoot, help each other with poses, and making each other look great. 

Battle each other in-home Olympics- Make some Olympic based games and compete against each other. Bonus points for having themed outfits. 

Volunteer together- Find a local food kitchen or charity that could do with some extra hands and help out. 

Put on something less comfortable and cook dinner but whilst doing this do everything to not touch each other- This will make touch so much more exciting and the night thrilling.

Play a computer game together- Horror games always go down well in my household.  

Start a new tradition- This can be anything! Like every year on the 18th of March, we go to the beach no matter the weather. 

Go through photo albums and look at memory lane- Think of new memories you want to make and plan days or trips to make them. 

Plan a trip!- The most exciting trip ever and try to find ways you can make this trip happen.

Axe throwing- Don’t do this with the axe in your garden but go to an axe-throwing place and throw away, who can get the bullseye. 

Go shopping and pick out a new wardrobe for each other- Just try them all on and see what you each think! Don’t buy what you don’t like or just don’t buy anything, this will help you see each other’s styles. 

Go-karting!- Race each other and try to win the title! 

Teach each other your hobbies- Show and teach your loved one what you love to do! 

Make jam- Try to pick some berries if you can or just buy some and make some jam with them.

Meditate together- Or at least try or you might just end up rolling around and laughing, just have fun with it. 

Learn a song together- Try using household equipment to make the noises or if you have one get your guitar and singing voices. 

Cloud watch- Lie back and just watch the clouds go by, try and make shapes with them.

Swim- Go for a dip in the sea, a cold lake, or a pool, see who can hold the longest handstand. 

Do a personality test- See which character you are, or even what breakfast cereal you are. There are so many weird and wonderful ones online. 

Draw each other in cartoons- Make them as silly and fun as possible. 

Talk about love- The love you have for each other and then write post notes together but without the other seeing them- throughout the week leave these in different random places, the harder you have to look the more exciting. 

A bonus date- Order 100 little things on amazon/eBay mini anything, have a look the weirder the better! and then hide them around the house, see how long it takes your partner to find them all. then swap and see if the other person can find them quicker! this can go on for weeks!! just make sure you number them.

Have fun with your dates and make them as exciting as possible!

I hope these date ideas work well for you. I’ll do adding more ideas soon so keep an eye out for my new blog posts. Contact me with any new and unique ideas as well as how your dates went!!


30 (of the best) activities to keep your toddler entertained!

These are my 30 of the easiest and fun activities for a toddler to do at home either in the garden or inside. This post will help give you ideas and fun things to try with your little ones. They can be altered and changed easily to fit many if not all situations. So let’s go…

1) Rainbow rice 

This is a super easy activity that needs barely any prep. Basically, it’s just rice that has been dyed by the food colouring. With this activity, it can be extended very easily. One way you can alter the play is by theming the rice colours. For example, for the Chinese new year, I did some red-coloured rice with gold glitter as well as cut out drawings of the animal of the year and added some chopsticks, spoons, and small containers. Another way you can alter this play you could use many different colours and pour it on to a large flat surface (such as a tuft tray) then the children can use their fingers or other tools to draw pictures, practise shapes, letters, and numbers, etc. This activity does need prep as it takes around 24 hours to dry so bear that in mind. Add a cup of uncooked rice to a zip lock bag (can be an old washed jar), then add a few drops of food colouring as well as a teaspoon of white vinegar. Close the bag/jar and shake it around a bit, add more food colouring if needed to get the colour you desire. Once it has all been mixed around pour the rice out and lay it flat on a tray or plate and leave it to dry for around 24 hours.

You need- Rice, food colouring, and white vinegar.

2) Food Mixing 

Food mixing is the simplest thing that children really enjoy. All you need is a mixing bowl, a few spoons, forks, and any foods that you have spare. Such as pasta, flour, cereal, eggs, spices, anything that you feel you can add. Once you have all of the things you need to lay them all out on the table and let your child add and mix the ingredients. This is a messy activity but is best when your child has the freedom to explore the foods and mixing on their own but whilst ensuring that the child doesn’t eat the mixtures. You can alter this by adding and taking away different ingredients and changing or adding more tools, such as sieves, funnels, whisk, etc.

You need-mixing bowl, a few spoons, forks, any food-such as pasta, flour, cereal, eggs, spices 

3) Tape car track 

For this, all you need is tape and toy cars. This can be any tape apart from clear tape such as sellotape and as long as it sticks to the floor. Children love this activity and it’s super easy to set up and leave down without making too much mess. As long as your floor has been swept before the tape goes down it will be easy to leave for a few days whilst the child/children are playing with it. Do it in any pattern that suits your layout. You can alter this by adding more elements to it such as adding traffic lights, farms to drive past, train tracks, etc.

You need- Tape and toy cars

4) Pom Pom drop 

For a pompom drop, all you need is a few empty kitchen/toilet rolls, tape, and pompoms. Tape the rolls to the wall in different patterns that will allow the pom poms to drop through. That’s all the prep you need, so it’s another super quick and easy activity to set up that will entertain your child for an afternoon/morning or more. The child will discover different ways to get the pom poms to the ground by dropping them in each tube. This can be altered and extended in many different ways. One way it can be altered is by giving your child the rolls to decorate beforehand and this will involve them from the start making it a fun and enjoyable experience. Another way to alter it is by putting cups/bowls on the floor where the pompoms will land, filled with different things such as one with flour, one with water, one with ice or jelly, etc. Another example is by changing the pom poms out with other small items as well.

You need- Pompoms, empty kitchen/toilet rolls, and tape.

5) Paper Car tunnels 

To do this you will need paper/card, tape, and toy cars or trains. Stick the one shorter end on the ground and bend the paper to make a tunnel shape and stick the other side down too, it might need to be folded on the parts that are stuck down. And that is
it. Super simple tunnels that will keep your child entertained. You can alter this by again adding things around the tunnels like traffic lights, train tracks but also by adding this into the tape car track. Decorating the paper before sticking it down is also a fun activity.

You need- Paper/card, tape and toy cars. 

6) Cheerio spaghetti 

For this activity you need cheerios (or hoop type cereal), spaghetti, and something to hold the spaghetti in place, I like to use play dough in a ball to stick it on the table with the spaghetti sticking out. Once you have these, put the cereal in a cup or bowl and let your child thread the cereal on the spaghetti. The spaghetti might snap depending on how heavy-handed the child is but this is fine if it snaps just add-in back in the playdough and it is then just a smaller piece to thread on to (it is handy to have spare spaghetti ready if needed). This activity does not need any prep as long as you have everything needed. This can be altered by adding bigger hooped items such as hula hoops.

You need- dry spaghetti, hoop cereals, and something to hold spaghetti in place (playdough). 

7) Cheerio caterpillars

Another activity that can be done with cheerios or other hoops like cereal is making caterpillars. For this activity, you need pipe cleaners, hoop cereals, and a pen or googly eyes. The child can thread the hoop cereal on the pipe cleaners and then add eyes to it to make it look like a caterpillar. These can wiggle and move when there aren’t too many hoops on it so it can become a moveable toy to play with at the table. This can be altered by seeing what other creatures you can make and also by making a ‘farm’ for these creatures to play in.

You need- Pipe cleaners, hoop cereals, and a pen or googly eyes.

8) Homemade moons sand 

For homemade moon sand, you need 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of oil (baby oil is great). Mix these together well and that’s it!! Children will love this activity and you can store it after use. To alter this add food colouring to change the colours, add cookie cutters, tools, and anything you would like.

You need- Flour and oil. 

9) Puzzle hunt in rice/sand 

This is a great activity for children that enjoy puzzles. It is enjoyable as well as educational. For this, you need a large box/container, rice or sand, and a puzzle. Fill the box with rice or sand and hide the puzzle pieces in it. The children hunt in the rice or sand for the puzzle pieces so that they can finish the puzzle. There is no prep need for this activity as long as you have everything needed. It can be altered by adding another puzzle so the child will have to figure out which puzzle the peace belongs to. It can also be changed to add other small toys that the child can find when looking for the puzzle pieces. Once the child has made the puzzle they often want to start over again or just play with toys in the container. This is a great way to keep children busy whilst you are busy too.

You need- Large container, rice or sand, and a puzzle.

10) Jelly toys 

For this activity, you need a large bowl or small pots/shapes, a jelly mix, kids tools/cutlery, and some small waterproof toys. You do need prep for this and I would suggest overnight but it can be 3-4 hours (just as long as the jelly has set). All you need to do is make the jelly and put a few toys in the jelly to set. Once set put the jelly on a tray or plate for the child with the tools or cutlery and this will keep children entertained as well as helping teach them how to use cutlery. This activity can be altered by changing the toys, adding different coloured jelly, and using different tools.

You need- Jelly mix, large bowl, children’s cutlery, and small waterproof toys. 

11) Homemade playdough 

For this activity, all you need is 2 cups of flour, 3/4 cups of salt, 4 teaspoons cream of tartar, 2 cups lukewarm water, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil/coconut oil and food colouring. Mix the flour, salt, and cream of tartar together and then add the water and oil, if your only making one colour add the food colouring if not wait till a later step. Now you’re going to put this all in a pan and cook on medium heat and constantly stir. Stirring until the dough has thickened up and forms into a ball. Remove it from the heat and then place it on a tray/plate to cool down. When slightly cooled knead it together until its smooth. So if you are making more than one colour separate the dough into balls, however many colours you want, and add the drops to the balls. Before mixing the colouring in you need to either put it in a zip lock bag or wear gloves as it might stain your hands when it’s not fully mixed in. Now that it’s been mixed in its ready to play with! You can alter this by adding more colours, cookie cutters, tools, and even glitter and sequins.

You need- flour, salt, cream of tartar, water, oil, food colouring, and zip lock bags or gloves. 

12) Wash the farm 

For this activity you need some toy animals, a few sponges, washing up liquid/soap, a big bowl and some water (warm is best). Gather your toy animals and get them a little dirty, either get the child to play with the toys in the garden or just rub them around in a little mud. Then fill the bowl with water and washing up liquid/soap. From there let the child/children wash the animals in the water with the sponges. Children love cleaning the toys and playing with them in the water, you might find that they want to clean other toys too. To alter this activity you could set up a mud
farm tuft tray first for them to play in and then after clean the animals.

You need- Waterproof toy animals, sponges, washing up liquid/soap, a big bowl/container, and some water. 

13) Ice toys 

All you need for this activity are ice trays, small waterproof toys, and children’s tools/cutlery. You would need to prep this activity either for a few hours or overnight. Which involves adding small toys to the ice tray with water and put it in the freezer. When getting this activity ready for the children it is a great idea to put out a few cups or bowls either empty or one or two with cold and warm water in. As well as the tools that they can use to break the ice cubes. This activity lasts for a while as even when the ice has melted it is still fun to play in the water. To alter this activity you can add different things to the ice trays instead of toys such as bird seeds and other small items, you can also use food colouring in the water to make the ice coloured.

You need- Ice tray, small waterproof toys, and children’s tools/cutlery.

14) Dinosaurs prints 

For this activity, all you need is paper, paint, and toy dinosaurs. This activity does not need any prep as long as you have the toys and paint already. For this, the children just walk the dinosaurs through the paint on the paper and make prints. To alter this activity you can add more or different toy animals, and also if wanted change the paper to a picture or something such as farm, jungle so that the children are walking the animals through their habitat. You could also cut out the footprints and make a trail around the house/garden.

You need- Toy dinosaurs, paper, and paint. 

15) Shape matching 

This activity is also super easy to set up and do. All you need is chalk, floor/board to draw on (chalk does come off super easy), and different items around the room. To set it up you need to find some different shaped items from around the room and draw round them with chalk next, put the items back in their place and the children have to figure out what shapes match the drawing and they do this by putting the items on to the chalk drawing to see if it matches or not. This activity can be altered by adding the colours of the items to make it easier, leaving the items out with others as well for the children to test out, as well as adding more difficult items.

You need- Chalk, a suitable floor/board to draw on, and any items you can find that have unique or different shapes.

16) Chalk floor/fence 

For this activity, all you need is chalk and a floor/fence (outside is
best). This activity the children can draw and colour and then wash it off with water when they are finished but also once it has dried they can start all over again. This activity is very enjoyable for children’s especially on a sunny day if they have the water out to play with too. This activity also doesn’t need any prep. It can be altered by adding more chalks and colours to the activity and also add watering cans the children can use to pour down on the drawings as well as adding sponges and washing up liquid.

You need- Chalk and a fence/floor.

17) Water beads 

Water beads are a super fun thing for children to play with. They are really easy to set up but do need 24 hours prep before the activity. The beads need to soak in water for 24 hours. This activity can be done in many different ways, one by just giving the children the beads in a bowl to play with. But you can alter this by adding cups, spoons, and funnels for the children to play with the water beads in and pour them from each cup.

You need- Water beads (can be found on Amazon, eBay, and many online stores as well as toy shops) and water. 

18) Water tray 

Water trays are another super fun and easy activity. All that is needed is a big bowl or multiple cups, spoons, pots, etc and water. Add water to the bowl/cups and let your child explore pouring and moving the water, they will get wet but that’s ok just have a towel to hand when needed. To add to this activity you can add waterproof toys, toy kitchen equipment, and sponges (to ‘wash-up’). You can also add food colouring and small items such as toys etc.

You need- Water and bowls/cups. 

19) Postholes 

Children love posting items through holes and this is a simple activity to entertain the children. For this activity, all you need is a box (cardboard) and card/cardboard. You need to cut out a rectangle shape hole in the box to make a slot to post in and then cut the card to smaller rectangles (ensuring they are smaller than the hole in the box) and that’s it. But if you want to make this more enjoyable try getting the child/children to decorate the box, such as painting, colouring, and glueing things on. You can also help them decorate the card (letters). Another way to adapt this is by trying different shapes or adding more boxes to post in. When adding more postboxes a good game for the children would be colour sorting so if you made your box red and the others blue, green, and yellow for example, you could make the letters in the matching colour. This will help the children match the colours. Another thing to add is the word of the colour such as adding ‘yellow’ to the yellow card, this will help the children start to recognize letters and words.

You need- Card and a cardboard box. 

20) Shaving foam building 

This activity is another simple one but this can get messy. All you need is toy building blocks and shaving foam. This activity is building a wall (house, castle, or anything) and using shaving foam as cement for in between the blocks. This activity needs supervision and possibly help when using the can of shaving foam. To alter this activity you could try and build a little village and add people, animals, and cars. Another way you can adapt this is by adding letters or numbers on to the blocks and then using the blocks in order. This helps your child learn as well as have fun.

You need- Building blocks and shaving foam. 

21) Pasta painting

This activity can be done in many different ways. This activity doesn’t need any prep as long as you have everything needed which is paint and pasta. The first way is by painting hard

pasta shells (any type of pasta) and them once dry making pictures with them. Another way to alter this activity is by painting with the pasta such as dipping it in paint and rolling/stamping it on paper. This is a fun way to change up painting with brushes. Another way you can do this is by half cooking spaghetti and dipping it in the paint and sliding it along the paper to make string shapes.

You need- Pasta and paint. 

22) Nature tray 

For this activity, all you need is anything you can find in the garden, on a walk or at the park such as leaves, pine cones, pebbles, sticks, flowers, and even mud. Put all of these things either in a tuft tray, shallow box or just on the floor for the children to play with. This doesn’t need much prep if you let the children help find the bits needed (Warning they will get dirty). Then let your children play and explore the different things they found. To alter this activity you can get them to find all of the different things themselves. Add different toys and other bits like water to keep the activity fresh and entertaining.

You need- Anything you can find in the garden (sticks, leaves, mud, etc).

23) Obstacle course 

This is a super easy activity that can be adapted and altered often to keep it ‘new’. All that is needed is anything within the house or garden already such as pillows, a slide (if you have one), building blocks, children’s cones, etc. It can be done within the house or outside and done in any order. Make sure the children know where the start and finishing lines are and then make an order of things throughout the space such as four pillows on the floor in a line and then explaining to the children that the pillows are to jump from one to the other or to jump over whatever ‘rule’ suits you. You can get things for them to crawl under, run around, etc. You will find that the children often want to get involved when building the course. To alter this activity you can make ‘rules’ such as slither around this object, hop from here to there, walk backwards, etc. This will help their balancing and listening skills as they might need to listen a little more to know what movement they are going to do. Once they have completed the course once or twice the children might be wanting to change the design, this is a good time to let them be free and pick and choose what goes where, etc, this helps build their imagination.

You need- Anything that the children can run around, jump on, crawl under, etc. 

24) Paint toy stamping/food

Paint stamping is such a fun and easy way to adapt to normal painting. For this activity, you need some paints, paper, and different objects such as waterproof toys, or foods that can be stamped. Allow the child to dip the toys etc in the paint and make a picture from the shapes that they make. One way you can alter this activity is by cutting a shape in the foods such as cutting shapes into a potato. Children love using different things. Another way to alter this is once the picture is dry adding pen/pencil drawing on the different shapes and see what you can make with these, (this works best when the paint is a light colour).

You need- Paint, paper, and waterproof toys/food items (potatoes, carrots, etc).

25) Stickers on names

This is a super simple task that will keep children entertained for a while. All you need is paper, a pencil and small stickers (circle ones work best). Then all you need to do is write their name in fairly big letters and then get the children to follow the lines with the stickers. This will help them get to know their name and letters in a fun and exciting way. One way this can be altered is by doing the alphabet or numbers.

You need- Paper, a pencil, and small stickers. 

26) Busy board

A busy board is a large rectangle board of wood with lots of different household items glued/screwed on to. This can be things from light switches (not wired), handles, locks, and keys (ensure that the keys can be put in the locks but not able to remove from the board as this is a large choking hazard), bolts, pipes, buttons, trolly wheels, etc. Anything from a hardware shop that looks fun to play with. This activity does need a lot of prep but once it has been made it can be kept for a very long time. These can also be brought if craft isn’t your thing.

You need- A large board, household items, glue, and screws. 

27) Baking 

This can be anything. Children love baking anything so you can use what you have in the house already. Cookies, cakes, flapjacks, cornflake cakes, etc. For this, you need to prep and ensure that you have the ingredients and that’s all. Children love helping and mixing foods. This can be altered by changing the recipes to try baking many different things.

You need- Baking equipment and ingredients. 

28) Draw/make toys 

This is such a fun and everlasting activity that children love to do. You need cardboard/paper, pens/crayons/paint, scissors, and whatever other art items that you want to add. This is a great activity to do with a storybook. Find a story with simple characters and read it and then draw the characters and cut them out. Let the children decorate and make the characters. Next, read the story with the toys that they made and they will be so interested in the story. You can alter this by making any toys with the children.

You need- Art supplies, paper/card, and pens/pencils.

29) Painted stones 

This is a super simple activity. All you need is stones and paint. Firstly ensure that the stones are all washed and clean. And then let your child/children freely paint the stones. To alter this, a great thing to do when painting the stones is painting emotions on the stones yourself and let your child do the same in their own version. After you can use these emotion stones to help the children express themselves and learn about emotions.

You need- Paint and stones.

30) Cup bowling 

This is a quick easy game that can be done and tidied quickly. All you need is a minimum of 6 plastic cups (the more the better) and a ball. Make a tower with these cups and the children will have so much fun rolling and throwing the ball at the cups to knock them over. This can be altered by adding rules in the game, changing the size of the cups or balls, moving them further back from the children.

You need- 6 cups and a ball. 

I hope you enjoy these activities and let me know how you get on and what works best. Also if you have any of your own ideas I would love to know!! Keep an eye on my blog as I will be posting all about activities and fun for children to have.

Tuff tray- This is a tuff tray and you can use them for ANYTHING!!! I use mine nearly every day. It keeps the mess in one place a little bit more, fill it with sand, water, paint, stones or just use it as a workspace for the children to draw on or in. they are super easy to clean and fairly simple to store (the back of a cupboard is where mine goes). They can be found online if you type in tuff trays, Amazon sells a couple of different sizes and colours. But if you want a simple saving as I did, I went to a tool shop and brought a cement mixing tray for half the price. The cement mixing trays are the exact same thing!

Happy playing 😀