The 2021 reset!

2020 has overall been a shitty year for nearly everyone! With a few magical moments within. So I think everyone is ready for a big reset to get ready for 2021. There are a few things you should do before you head into the new year, I’m starting my reset now to avoid it being busy around Christmas!

Grab a notepad and pen and take notes of the points you want to do to get ready for whatever 2021 has to bring!

I have 12 things that I like to focus on when I’m resetting (this can be done anytime in the year but something about the new year makes it special).

I like to reset my space and clear everything out to start fresh. To do this I make a list of everything I want to declutter, this includes my wardrobe, my wires, my kitchen cupboards, etc. I then make a list of everything I need to fix but just haven’t got around to, for me it’s things such as sewing the buttons back on my coat. Next, I make a list of things I want to improve in my home. These are things such as repotting any plants that have grown, adding any hooks I need. Now you should have a little/fairly big list of things you need to do over the next few weeks. To make the process a little easier I like to do one or two things at a time.

This can be a fairly boring annoying day but it needs to be done! This is a list of things you need to do but just haven’t gone around to no matter how many times you write them on your todo list. This is things such as calling the dentist, calling your bill provider to see if there are any better deals (this often works so it’s definitely worth a try to lower your bills for the new year), listing that item on eBay etc. It’s basically just a list of little things that add up. I like to get through this list in one day so that I’m already in that mindset.

Each year I set rules to stick to, it doesn’t always work but I have tried to make them a lot easier this year to ensure that I can stick to them. These are rules to keep you on track, to keep you motivated all year and to overall just to help you through your year. To help you set your own I will share mine. 1. If you feel yourself slacking, have one day to do so and then get back to it. 2. If something simple needs doing, do it as soon as possible (this is to stop the build-up of jobs that never get done) and 3. Plan ahead, look at the calendar daily and plan everything I can.

These are your goals for the year. The key to this is to not set goals that are impossible to reach. Set yourself a few things that you want to achieve for the year. Once this is done you need to dissect the goals and make mini-goals of them. Then create a plan of how you are going to achieve them. This will make them feel easier to reach as well as giving you an idea on how to achieve great things because you can and you will!

Learn and improve
This is a little list of everything I want to learn or improve on within the next year. This can be anything from improving your sewing skills to doing a sign language course. I like to do this as it gives me ideas on how to improve myself over the year. In my spare time, I’ll start to learn and improve on the things on the list.

Vision board
This is just a little look at what you wish for your year to look like. For this, I like to create a Pinterest board and add any pins I like to this can be things from a new car to tattoos to holiday and so forth. It’s just a little thing to try to get you excited for the year ahead. You can print these off and put them in your house somewhere so you can see it every day to keep you motviated.

Declutter phone/laptop
This is important for me as my phone and laptop get so full within a year and I end up not even using many of the apps on my phone. For this I like to start by deleting any app I don’t use or need. Then I go through my photos and delete any I don’t like or duplicates. Next, I back those photos up on my hard drive and then delete them all from my phone! To start fresh! I then go through my notes and delete any I don’t need. I then sort out the look of my phone and create a few folders and pages I like to look at.

I like to do a little mind reset and think of who I am and who I want to be. This helps me think of what I would like to work on in my head such as improvement to my happiness or how to feel less stressed. Once you have a few things in the list of your head write things down that you feel will help with improving that aspect of you. For example, one of my things is to improve my happiness. Within that list, I have things such as singing in the car, meditating, practising gratitude, and lots more.

Books to read
This is simple, just a list of a few books you definitely want to read within the year. My list is full of self-improvement and educating books but it doesn’t have to be. Make a list of any books you would love to read. Once you have this list, pick one and buy it ready! One of the books i have in my list is you are a badass.

I like to try and get into good routines and habits but recently I have been setting the bar too high and haven’t been able to stick to them for long. So for me, this section was thinking about what goes wrong and restarting my routines. My plan is to have a good morning routine as well as nighttime routine. These don’t have to be complicated and will differ depending on whether your a morning or night time person! I’m definitely a morning person so my morning routine is much longer and has most of what I want to do on it.

Calendar plan
Buy a big wall calendar and write down all of the important dates! Now write in your workdays if you know them. For the things that can change such as work dates and other plans I only like to plan two months as you never know what can change. Use this calendar to help you remember your dentist appointments and any birthdays coming up! Stay organised all year round.

Master lists
This is a list of all of the different things that I do often. I have a weekly todo, a cleaning list, monthly jobs. For these just write everything you would normally do for your list on your iPad or laptop and print them out! Keep a few copies safe ready for you to use when needed.

My last tip and trick for getting ready for the new year are to look at your life and picture your perfect life and try to make it happen! Your dreams can come true if you work hard and stay on track!

Enjoy your 2021 you deserve it!!

By Tates

Living my dream life whilst helping others live their dreams too.

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