30 Christmas Traditions you’ll love!

Make Christmas even more special with these festive Christmas traditions. Try one or two or them all 30 if you have enough time! These are such fun to get the whole family in the Christmas spirit and to enjoy the fun and magic around Christmas no matter the age. 

I’m 21 and still do many of these. 

  1. Christmas eve box – Fill a box for everyone each year of Christmas things for Christmas eve, some ideas for the box are matching PJs for everyone, a little chocolate treat, a movie, a book, hot chocolate mix (we love the melting chocolate spoons), Christmas ornament/decoration, socks, Santa hat, ingredients for reindeer food and anything you want to add, don’t add too much just a few things to make Christmas eve special. 
  1. Advent calendar – Nothing is like the Christmas countdown to open a door to find a tiny chocolate. These are so special and a great countdown for anyone. You can buy advent calendars with anything in! Or even better make your own, fill it with a chocolate coin, love notes, little gifts, something different each day, jokes, homemade coupons, activities for the day such as today we get to put up the tree or write Santa a letter, you can fill these with anything and it just makes it that more special. I do this for my boyfriend each year and I think he likes it better than his gifts on the day.
  1. Movie marathon – It’s not Christmas without snuggling on the sofa with snacks and treats for a movie marathon of your favourite Christmas movies. Each person picks their favourite movie and them all together. 
  1. Make a day of putting up the tree – Spend the whole day doing Christmas things when you are putting up your tree. This was one of my favourite days when I was little. We would put Christmas music on, have chocolate and snacks out, and then spend the morning walking around the Christmas tree lot picking the best tree to take home (we also always brought one way too big and had to chop the top off the make it fit in the house), before or after this go to the shops to pick out one or two new baubles or decorations.
  1. Games – Fill your Christmas afternoon or night with games! Play charades, scrabble, Uno, anything you can to have fun and make memories together (I’ll be doing a post on Christmas games soon so keep an eye out)
  1. Christmas desserts – Spend an afternoon in December making Christmas themed treats and desserts. Make anything together and enjoy doing it. Make a cake with Christmas decorations on, tree-shaped cookies, candy canes, etc there’s so many you can choose from. 
  1. Christmas eve dinner – Each of you picks something easy or hard to make for Christmas eve, spend the morning preparing it together. Someone does the starter, someone else for the main and someone else for the desert, don’t tell each other what you’re making but cook for each other and make a fun Christmas eve meal. Get the children involved by getting them to make the dessert or make teams with the parents to make something fun. If you have a small family just pick between you who is doing the main, starter, sides and dessert. Alter this in any way that suits you. In our house, we each make a fun dessert for everyone to try as it’s a little tradition in our house to have a chip shop for dinner before Christmas. 
  1. Save a thought for those less fortunate – you can do this by sparing some cash to buy some Christmas gifts, sparing some food or some time to volunteer on Christmas eve or day. Anything to help is muchly appreciated by everyone in need. 
  1. Ugly jumpers – Have a competition each Christmas day by who can find the ugliest jumper. Do a secret Santa type buy or buy your own. Spread some smiles with ugly jumpers. 
  1. Write to Santa – Get the children to write Santa a letter, go down to your post box and let them post it off. A bonus tip for this tradition is if he writes back to the children.
  1. Elf on the shelf – Have fun doing elf on the shelf, see what mischief the elf can get up to. This activity is so exciting and funny for the children to wake up to each morning to see what he did at night. It’s also fun for the adults to find naughty things the elf can do. 
  1. Make gifts or decorations – Spend a day or afternoon making gifts or decorations together. Put some Christmas music on and have some fun snacks available. 
  1. Paper Chain countdown – This is another fun countdown you can make together as a family. Do 24 links in a paper chain and start ripping them off daily. To make it more exciting write a note on each one, this can be a joke, an idea for a good deed for everyone that day, a challenge etc. 
  1. Go to a Christmas market – This is always a great thing to get you in the Christmas spirit, I love doing this each year. We spend the evening wandering and looking at the little stalls and filling our tummies with yummy foods. We don’t really buy anything other than some dinner and always get a chocolate melting spoon for our hot chocolates on Christmas eve. 
  1. Be Santa – Drop little anonymous gifts or homemade treats to people in your neighbourhood that are alone. This might just make their Christmas. 
  1. Invite someone lonely over for dinner – If you know of someone that’s alone and has no family for Christmas invite them over for dinner. This is such a lovely thing to do to spread the Christmas cheer. It can’t be nice to spend a special day feeling lonely. Even better if you get them a little gift to open too. 
  1. Make a gingerbread house – Have a competition on who can make the best or make a giant one together to decorate. This can be used as dessert on Christmas day. 
  1. Send Christmas cards – To everyone you know and anyone else that might be lonely. If you know anyone in the neighbourhood that might not get any cards, make their day better by sending them one, you might just make a friend out of this. 
  1. Make a gift for each other – Christmas doesn’t just have to be spending lots of money on gifts, try making one for each other. One of my favourite gifts that I got from my boyfriend was a picture he made for me. 
  1. Hot chocolate station – Make a tray or side that is a holiday hot chocolate station. Add Christmas mugs, jars of toppings, different flavours, marshmallows, etc. This makes those cold nights a little bit more perfect. 
  1. Handprint memories – Buy a plain Christmas table cloth/tree skirt or something that you get out every year at Christmas and draw around the hands of the children each year, write their names inside with the year. Watch their little hands grow every year. 
  1. Notepad favourites – Buy a notepad and get everyone to write their favourite thing from that Christmas, repeat this each year and look back on the memories in future Christmases. You can do this from very young, ask the children their favourite thing about Christmas and write it down. It is a very beautiful book of memories. 
  1. Letters – Parents write a letter each year about the children’s years and their Christmas, keep these to give back when they are older. Make a box full of these and give them as a Christmas gift in their 18th year or 21st year. The children will love looking back on their years. 
  1. Christmas boxes- Each year make a Christmas box full of cookies, treats, little gifts etc and give out to charities or hospital workers, police workers, dog homes, children in hospitals, etc anyone that works or is away from home on Christmas day. Then on Christmas morning take ten minutes to drop it off to spread Christmas cheer. This is a great way to give back to the people that help us in daily life or just people that might need cheering up. 
  1. Sparkling letters – Get the children to write a letter to Santa, put it in an envelope and when they aren’t looking put in some shaved off sparklers. Then go outside and get a grown-up to light it on fire and say if it sparkles on your nice list. This is so fun and exciting for little ones to know if they are on the naughty or nice list. 
  1. Prepare Christmas dinner – Prepare everything you can together the night before, this will make a job easier Christmas morning meaning the ‘chef’ of the house can also enjoy the day more. As well as getting the little ones to help out with making the dinner. 
  1. Reindeer food- Make your own reindeer food (bird food with eco-friendly glitter) and sprinkle it in the garden Christmas eve so they have a treat when they land, you can also leave ‘hoofprints’ on the ground for the children to see. 
  1. Treats for Santa – Just before the children go to bed on Christmas eve get them to leave treats and a note for Santa on the fireplace. In my house, we have always done a carrot, mince pie and a red bull as they give you wings. 
  1. Santa’s footprints – Make ‘snowy’ boots prints for the children to find on Christmas day. Make a trail from the fireplace to where the stockings are. You can make the prints by dipping some large work boots in flour and printing them on the floor.
  1. Flightpath – Make a flight path for Santa to know where to land. You can use old jam jars with tealights in all in a row so Santa knows where to stop. Lay them out with the children before bed and light them together. 

I hope you enjoy these traditions and take them up in your home. 

Let me know which ones you love! And which ones go well with your family. 

Merry Christmas … Everyone deserves a very happy one this year! 

By Tates

Living my dream life whilst helping others live their dreams too.

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