How to live a better life

105 habits you need to live a better life. This list is full of things you can do to step up your life and make it the best you can have. Try a few or all of these things but remember habits take time and it’s best to try one or two at a time so you don’t get too overwhelmed. 

  1. Wake up early 
  2. Make your bed daily 
  3. Stretch daily 
  4. Drink more water 
  5. Meditate every day 
  6. Plan your days the night before 
  7. Make and fill in a life binder and keep track of your life 
  8. Plan your weeks, months and year!
  9. Exercise daily or at least 3 times a week
  10. Get fresh air for at least 30 minutes a day  
  11. Try to change negative into positives, when something goes wrong or you get frustrated try to change your thoughts to be positive. An example out of my life was that my boss wanted me to walk the dog in the evening, yes I was frustrated as I didn’t want to and wanted to finish work but I changed this to a positive by thinking at least I’m getting more exercise, fresh air as well as the puppy having a walk. 
  12. Don’t worry about things you can’t control 
  13. Listen more 
  14. Laugh and smile more and at anything and everything 
  15. Make a skincare routine and stick to it 
  16. Try to go for natural products 
  17. Try to shop eco friendly 
  18. Put suncream every day no matter the weather
  19. Deep condition your hair every one or two weeks 
  20. Check-in on yourself – how are you feeling? Write it down 
  21. Make time for self-care 
  22. Dress in clothes you love daily 
  23. Pick your outfits out the night before or even better for the whole week 
  24. Put things back as soon as your finished with them 
  25. Declutter regularly 
  26. Declutter your wardrobe whenever you see something you don’t like or haven’t worn in a long time 
  27. Read self-improvement books 
  28. Learn new skills with online courses 
  29. Find a hobby you love 
  30. Listen to happy music 
  31. Dance! All the time 
  32. Journal 
  33. Be confident and if your not, fake it till you make it 
  34. Speak up for what you believe in 
  35. Always remember if you have nothing nice to say say nothing 
  36. Keep a good posture 
  37. Be kind to everyone 
  38. Visit and call your loved ones 
  39. Do things alone 
  40. Get out of your comfort zone at least once a month even if its a tiny thing 
  41. Say no when you don’t want to do something or go somewhere 
  42. Do nothing without feeling guilty 
  43. Travel 
  44. Appreciate nature 
  45. Learn to cook yummy and healthy meals 
  46. Spend less time on your phone 
  47. Get a good night sleep 
  48. Fail at things, you’ll learn so much 
  49. Set goals for each week, month, year and your life and make a plan to achieve them
  50. Leave earlier to ensure your not late
  51. Learn how to manage your time 
  52. Learn how to be productive 
  53. Make a schedule 
  54. Track your finance and make a budget
  55. Save 20% (at least) of your income (try to keep £1000 in your savings for emergencies)
  56. Surround yourself with positive successful people, you’ll become more successful
  57. Treat yourself kindly 
  58. Try to get organised 
  59. Make a morning routine 
  60. Set goals in each section of life – financial, carer, family, friendships, your happiness, future
  61. Go the extra mile 
  62. Learn self-discipline 
  63. Challenge yourself 
  64. Learn how to handle stress 
  65. Read the news 
  66. Finish what you start 
  67. Make a master to-do list – Things you need to do but in no rush try to complete at least one thing every two weeks 
  68. Make affirmations 
  69. Write everything down you don’t want to forget 
  70. Try to go vegan one or two days a week (even better if you can do more)
  71. Write 3 things your grateful for every day 
  72. Take vitamins 
  73. Purge your social media from things that don’t inspire you
  74. Eat less junk food
  75. Try new recipes 
  76. Take the stairs 
  77. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions 
  78. If you can afford it don’t buy it 
  79. When you can walk, cycle or skate 
  80. Drink less alcohol and take less/no drugs 
  81. Try not to drink as much coffee
  82. Deep clean your home often 
  83. Watch less tv 
  84. Get rid of the tv in your bedroom 
  85. Open your windows, get fresh air and air the room
  86. Learn how to control your temper 
  87. Express yourself in your clothes, makeup, bedroom, car, EVERYTHING 
  88. Volunteer 
  89. Pack your lunch instead of buying it every day 
  90. Read your emails 
  91. Limit your screen time 
  92. Cut out toxic people 
  93. Learn to love yourself 
  94. Learn your love language and your partners (if you have one or when you get one)
  95. Reward yourself 
  96. Celebrate your individuality 
  97. Help others 
  98.  Laugh at yourself 
  99. Compliment yourself daily 
  100. Know its ok to have a bad day or to be lazy from time to time 
  101. Know its ok when things don’t go to plan 
  102. Don’t eat in bed 
  103. Go offline (no phone) for 1 day each week using this time for quality time with loved ones or as the time for self-love 
  104. Hug your partner, roommate, friends, children, parents, etc at least once a day. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance and 12 hugs a day for growth. 
  105. Take photos, videos or everything and everyone in your life. You’ll appreciate it in the future.

Become a better you and enjoy the process.

By Tates

Living my dream life whilst helping others live their dreams too.

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