Winter packing checklist

In the winter it is so important to layer up! Especially in England as it is cold and rainy most of the time.

Here is a packing list for a trip to England, Europe or anywhere cold. Try to pack light to make the trip easier but don’t forget the essentials to keep you warm. 


  • Pants – bring as many as the days you are staying and then add two or three pairs. 
  • Socks – Always bring more socks than you need. They might get wet or you might need to layer up. Which leads me to the point of bringing thick socks! 
  • Fluffy socks – These will keep you cosy when you’re chilling out in the evening or keep your toes warm when you wake up. 
  • Bras – You know how many you need of these depending on how often you change them, don’t lie it’s not daily! 
  • Pjs – Find some thick PJs to take as the nights get cold. You want to have some good quality PJs to keep you warm in the night. 

Top half 

  • Long sleeves – These make a great base layer if you don’t want to wear thermals. Bring enough for half or the whole trip depending on the weather of the destination. A great tip is to pair these with a short sleeve for the day. 
  • Short sleeves – This is a layer above your long selves or thermals so try to bring ones that will match the other t-shirts. 
  • Jumper – This is also a great thing to put on over your shirts to keep you warm and stylish. 
  • Hoodie – The hood will come in handy if your trip is to England 
  • Jacket – You defiantly want the warmest one you have. This layer is great for a day that isn’t too cold. 
  • Thermal – You’re going to want these for winter, this is a base layer. If you don’t have any try to thrift some or find some that are black or white or a neutral colour. 
  • Dress – If you like wearing dresses just bring some thick tights to wear with it. Try to bring a jumper dress or a thick one that you might be able to add a layer underneath. 


  • Trousers – thick comfortable ones that will match everything is perfect! You will only need one pair depending on how long you stay. 
  • Joggers – These are best to stay comfortable and cosy when it’s cold outside. 
  • Jeans – Bring a pair that will match everything! 
  • Thermals – Thermals will be your base layer so bring some that can fit under your other trousers.


  • Waterproof trousers – Test these out before your trip and ensure that they are waterproof. These will be great for any walks or trips in the rain. 
  • Waterproof jacket – you’ll be using this often (especially in England) so pick one that you love. 
  • Skarf – This will be needed for those chilly nights and frosty mornings. 
  • Gloves – Keep your hands cosy in the cold. 
  • Hat – A woolly hat will be your best friend on a cold evening! 
  • Coat – You’ll probably be wearing this every day and every moment outside so make sure you get one that is comfortable, warm and stylish. 


  • Boots – Make sure they are waterproof and comfy. Your toes will be way too cold for any other shoe most of the time. 
  • Trainers – These are great for when you need to give your feet a break from the boots! 

Enjoy your trip and keep cosy! 

By Tates

Living my dream life whilst helping others live their dreams too.

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