Halloween FUN!!!

So Halloween is coming up fast! Faster than you properly released so here are some super fun and easy spooky things to help you through the haunted holiday. 

Five last-minute costumes 

With all of the stress of this year you need something quick and easy, here are five fun and easy Halloween costume ideas with instructions on how to make them. 

  1. Mummy- This is by far the easiest last-minute costume and can be done with most things you would normally have in your home. Grab some toilet tissue or bandages and dress yourself or your child in white, cream or light brown. Try to stick with neutral colours. And wrap them up in tissue or bandages! It’s as simple as that. Just make sure if you’re using toilet tissue it isn’t raining. 
  1. Rain cloud- For this costume, you need a big hat or an umbrella, cotton wool, string and blue paper/card or material. Glue the cotton wool onto the hat or umbrella (I love the umbrella one especially if you’re going trick or treating.) and try to make it look like a cloud. Next tie the string to the edges of the hat or umbrella and cut the blue card or material to a raindrop shape, pock a hole in the top and tie them to the strings. Dress your child or yourself in white, black or grey. Add some welly boots to finish the look. 
  1. Scuba diver- All you need for this is 2 2liter empty bottles, goggles, small rubber tube (small hose pipe), string, tape and paint. Paint the bottles any colour, as well as the rubber tube (the tube is best black but you can pick any colour). Tape the two bottles together next to each other. Poke a hole in the bottom of the bottles and thread the string through and pull it out at the top, and tie a knot but leave enough room for arms to fit through. Make it like a kind of backpack. Next, attach the rubber tube to the top of one of the bottles with the tape and if your child still uses a dummy tape the dummy handle to the rubber tube. Then dress your child in black, add the googles, and put on the bottle backpack and your scuba diver is good to go! 
  1. Spider- For this, you need two pairs of tights black or brown, something to stuff them with (socks is a good thing for this) and finally something to attach the ‘spider legs’ to the t-shirt. Dress your children in black or brown to match the tights. Cut the tights in half down the leg and tie a knot in the end with two holes. Turn that one inside out and fill them all with socks or stuffing. You need six of these but depending on how big your child is, you can get away with making three and attaching them at the back in the middle so they stick out and make six legs (the other two legs will be your child’s arms.) Attach the spider legs to the t-shirt by sewing them down the middle back of the t-shirt, or use good tape or iron-on adhesive. And there is your simple spider costume. 
  1. Bunch of grapes- This might be my favourite simple costume. All you need is purple or green grapes and a needle and thread. Blow up lots of balloons, you’ll need more the bigger your child is and then sew the little knot at the bottom (be sure not to poke and pop the balloon) to a long t-shirt or dress. That is all! You have a little bunch of grapes. 

Five fun activities 

Here are five fun activities for you and your family to play at Halloween. Enjoy your time together and collect moments. 

  1. Jelly bobbing- For this activity you need- Jelly (green or red is best but any colour will do.) and wrapped up sweets and a large container. Fill the container up a little bit with jelly and then drop in a few sweets when it’s nearly set so that the sweets are spaced out and harder to get. repeat this until the container is full. Then set up the activity for your children to take turns to try and get the sweets and push their face into the jelly. This was an activity I remember I loved from when I was little! Make sure you have a towel on hand. It can get messy! 
  1. Apple bobbing- For this activity you need- Apple, large container and water. Fill the container with water and drop a few apples in. Have a towel to hand again. Let the children go wild and dunk their heads trying to get the apples. Then let them have the apples as a snack for a little bit of fruit this Halloween season.
  1. Toilet paper mummy game- For this activity, all you need is toilet tissue. This is a group game so see who wins the race and see who makes the best mummy!
  1. Pumpkin patch stomp – For this activity, all you need is orange balloons and prizes or sweets. Blow up orange balloons and fill with a few sweets or prizes then let the fun begin as the children run around popping the balloons.
  1. Pin the bowtie on the skeleton – For this activity, all you need is large paper or card, paint or pencils and some blue tac. Draw or paint a large skeleton and a bow tie to fit and that’s it. Blindfold the player and spin them around then see how they do at matching the bow tie on to the skeleton. 

Five arts and crafts

Five super simple and easy crafts to do with the whole family. 

  1. Flying ghost – This is a super easy craft project you can do with children any age. You need a paper cup, white paint, string, glue and paper or tissue paper. First, you need to paint the upside-down cup white and then glue the paper or tissue paper on the top, so that it sort of drapes over the top, I also found that normal tissues work great too! Lastly, pock a hole in the top of the cup (bottom) and thread the string through. Tie it in a knot and hang it anywhere around the house. These are great little ghosts to make your home spooky this Halloween. Bonus tip: get a black pen or googly eyes to add eyes to your ghosts. 
  1. Spider web – This is a little more difficult but still can be done with toddlers and older children. All you need is lolly sticks, white paint, glue and white string or wool. Get two lolly sticks and glue them together in the middle to make an X. Then once that is dry paint the sticks white. When the paint is dry tie one end of the string or wool, either work well, to the centre of the X and start wrapping the string around the X. Make sure you or the children are threading up and down so that the string is on both sides of the X. Tie the end to the lolly sticks or glue it down and that it! Super simple. This makes a spider web that looks so cute hanging down or in the corner. Try to find little toy spiders or make some of your own to go with the webs. 
  1. Handprint spiders – For this, you need black paint and paper also a great thing to add is googly eyes and black glitter. This is an easy fun activity that children of any age and development can do. You need to paint the child’s hand and fingers (not including the thumb) and print it on the paper and then paint the same hand again and print with the fingers facing the other way (for the spider legs) and the palms matching up to make the spider’s body. Cut it out and there you have handprint spiders! Add glitter or googly eyes to extend the fun. 
  1. Pumpkin mosaic- You need paper, different orange (or any) coloured paper/tissue paper, a pen and glue. To do this you need to draw a pumpkin on the white paper. Once that is drawn you can cut the different shades of orange paper out into tiny squares or other shapes. The next step is to glue the little bits of paper to the pumpkin drawing to make an orange mosaic one. This activity can be done with children of all ages and development levels. Bonus tip: if you don’t have orange paper but orange and white paint, mix some different shades of orange and paint some paper beforehand. Let this dry and cut it into small shapes and you can use this to mosaic with.  
  1. Monster faces – This activity needs paper or card in a few different colours, glue and scissors- Firstly draw a couple of different monster head shapes. Then you need to cut out different shapes to make faces for monsters that can be triangle eyes, spiky teeth, button eyes etc. Let your imagination go wild. Try to do different sizes and colours and let your child make their own monsters. They will love picking the different face parts to put together to make a monster face. 

Five Halloween dinners

Spicy up your dinner this Halloween with these fun and scary recipes. 

  1. Stuffed jack o lantern peppers- You need peppers, a knife and anything you want to fill them with! First, you need to cook or prepare the filling for the peppers. Then cut the top off the peppers gently and cut out all of the seeds. The next step is where the fun begins, calve the pepper like a pumpkin. Fill the jack o lantern peppers with the prepared filling, wrap them in foil and pop them into a preheated oven at 180 fans for 30 minutes or until tender. Then take off the foil and cook them uncovered for 5-10 minutes. 
  1. Mummy dogs- This is super simple. You need puff pastry, one egg and sausages. Cut the pastry into thin strips (about 1-2 cm) and wrap them around the sausages. Brush them with a beaten egg and pop them in the oven for 25-30 minutes (until the sausage is cooked and the pastry looks golden) 
  1. Potato heads- This super creepy dish is so easy to make, all you need is medium potatoes. Preheat the oven to 220c or 200 fans. Carve a face into the potatoes as you would do with a pumpkin. Do holes for eyes, nose and mouth in each potato. Pop them on a baking tray and drizzle them with oil. Make sure all of the faces are facing upwards and roast them for 40-45 minutes until golden and crispy. 
  1. Puking Pumpkin- Carve a pumpkin that looks like he is sick (do a wide mouth), and pop him to the side for later. Now you need to decide and make whatever you would like for the filling. It can be anything, I like to do it with chilli or spaghetti bolognese. Make sure you use a large tray or cover the table with cling film before you start this next step. Place the pumpkin where you would like it and pour what you have made into the pumpkin and watch how it pours out of his mouth, looking like he is being sick. I suggest doing this when you are ready to eat unless the dish can be eaten cold. 
  1. Monster pizza- This is a very easy meal to make. You can either buy made pizza or make them yourself. Cut up lots of different toppings and let everyone make their own monster pizzas by adding the topping to look like a scary face. 

Five Halloween treats 

Add these to your spooky night to hit your sweet tooth. 

  1. Ghost strawberries- You need strawberries and white chocolate and milk chocolate. Wash your strawberries and dip them in melted white chocolate. Make sure they are covered with chocolate and set them out to dry. Once they are dry melt the milk chocolate and use the tip of a chopstick to dot some eyes on the ghosts. 
  1. Rice crispy brains- You need rice crispies, butter and marshmallows. This recipe is to make 12 servings so alter to fit your needs. Melt 3 tablespoons of butter in a large saucepan on low heat. Add 10oz of marshmallows, and stir until melted. Remove from the heat and add 6 cups of rice crispies. Let this cool until it can be handled and then shape them into balls and try to make a brain shape. Pop in the fridge or an airtight container until serving. Bonus tip: add a drop or two of red food colouring for pink brains. 
  1. Witches fingers- for this you can use chocolate finger biscuits or bake your own. If you bake your own, roll them into sausage shapes (to look like fingers). Next, dip them in white chocolate with green food colouring in and add jam to the fingertips where the nail will go. For the nails, you can use almond nuts or raisins, (anything in that sort of shape). The end result will look like the witches fingers have blood on. 
  1. Pumpkin cake pops- This is super simple, just make pop cakes and dips them in orange icing or white chocolate with orange food colouring in. Decorate the pumpkins as you wish by adding little faces with black icing. 
  1. Graveyard cups- for this you need instant chocolate pudding, Oreos (with the filling removed), tombstone shaped cookies and black icing or melted milk chocolate as well as clear plastic cups. Fill the cups with the instant pudding. Crush the Oreos with a rolling pin to make them look like dirt. Add these to the top. Decorate the tombstone cookies with RIP and push that into the pudding, not too much as you want it to stick out like a grave. Now it’s done, keep it in the fridge until serving and add gummy worms to make it more exciting. 

Have a great Halloween everyone and don’t forget to collect moments with your loved ones!

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