Start your day right

Everything mums, dads, nannies, carers and everyone need to do the night before to help your day run smoothly! 

  • Outfits and shoes!- First things first get the outfits ready for the next day. This isn’t just the kid’s things either. Pick yourself a nice outfit that will help you feel and look good, you will often find yourself grabbing anything or not being as stylish in the morning. So ensure that everyone has an outfit out and ready for the next day. Make sure you don’t need to iron anything as well! The best thing I have found to do is lay each child’s outfit on the dresser the night before, everything they will be putting on that morning so make sure you put pants as well as school jumpers, that you never have enough of. I also go a little bit further and layout any creams or accessories they might need to such as hairbrush and bobbles. This will save you rummaging around the bottom of your handbag for an old hair bobble at 6 in the morning! Trust me we have all been there. Also, don’t forget their SHOES! These are a nightmare to find in the morning and your kids will never remember where they took them off. 
  • Packed lunches- When I’m preparing or cooking dinner in the evening I also make the children’s packed lunches whilst waiting for the pasta to boil or chicken to cook. Pack everything needed in their lunch boxes the night before and it will make a quick and easy grab for the morning rather than stressing out about making two sandwiches, one lunch for yourself and then whatever you can find for the fussy child! There’s always one!! So pack the school lunches the night before as well as filling up their water bottles. Make sure you do your own if needed as well. 
  • Bags ready- My next tip is to get the bags ready. School bags, nursery bags, playdate bags, and your own too! Fill them with everything needed for the day ahead and then this will make it so much quicker to grab your bag and lunch and head out of the door. Make sure you don’t forget extra nappies! This is a good time to check your handbag and other bits for rubbish. 
  • Quick tidy round- Do a quick five or ten minute tidy the night before anything or try to do it every night! Get everyone involved and put on some quick fun music and have a run around tidying up. Get the little ones to help with their things too, if they see you tidying they are more likely to help out too! By doing this it will less likely stress you out in the morning knowing the house is already tidy and you can leave knowing it’s not too messy. 
  • To-do list- This is my number one rule for everything in life. Always make a todo list. This will help you know exactly what your day is going to be like and what you need to do and get done. It also helps you not to forget anything. Do a little list of what the day has in store for you and tick them off as you go. Write as much or as little as you need and knowing it’s been thought about and written down you know that you can relax in the morning without everything running around your head. 
  • Get breakfast ready- Or at least semi-ready. Get your breakfast table ready for the next morning (well as much as you can, obviously don’t leave the milk out overnight). Get spoons, bowls, cereals, or plates. Whatever you have for breakfast, prepare it as much as you can. If your children have cereal, put one or two boxes on the table with bowls and spoons. This will help your children decide what to have quicker and allow them to try to help themselves. This allows you to carry on doing things elsewhere knowing that they are starting to make it themselves and then come and help them pour the milk. Or something that my mummy used to do when I was little, was pour a little bit of milk in a jug and let us pour it ourselves, this helps with independence as well as hand-eye coordination. So get breakfast semi-ready and set the table the night before. 
  • Meal prep for the evening- Either meal prep for the next day or just plan what you’re going to have and make sure you have everything you need, this will help stop any last-minute shopping trips before dinner. If you can pick what you are going to have and chop some bits and then in the morning throw everything in the slow cooker and put it on slow for the day. This means dinner is ready whenever you are! Saving you so much time and stress of cooking. 
  • Shower- This depends on what type of person you are, the night before, the morning of or both. Personally, I’m both but if you shower in the morning and find yourself rushing try and shower yourself and the children the night before so it’s less of a rush in the morning. Or do a main shower in the evening and then a quick fresh on up in the morning. 
  • Put everything in the right place- Make sure your keys and purse are in the right place the night before so that you can find them the next morning. How many times have you been rushing for work or school and can not find your keys! Do this so you don’t scramble around for them in the morning. By something so simple as putting things back it will save you so much time and stress. 
  • Check the weather- A great thing I have got into the routine of doing recently is checking the weather. By checking the weather the night before you can get everything ready and prepared for the next day. You can make sure that everyone’s outfit matches what the weather will be, as well as getting any raincoats or sun cream ready for the morning. 
  • Set alarms- Do this before you get into bed. Set any alarms or reminders ready for the morning so that you don’t forget, wake up on time and ready for your day. This is so important as forgetting a simple alarm can ruin your whole day. But even if you do forget it, at least everything else is prepared and will be a smooth quick run out of the door. It’s the worst when you plan to do something in the morning and then wake up late and don’t get a chance, so make sure everything is ready for the day ahead.
  • Homework is done and any letters from the school signed- Make sure that any homework is done before bedtime so that they don’t spring it on you in the morning when you have exactly two minutes to get in the car before your late for the day. This can be an easy routine of checking the children’s bags the night before and getting them ready, this way you can see any homework needed to be completed before the morning. Also, check for any letters or school slips that need to be signed and sign them now so you can put them back without forgetting. 
  • Unstack the dishwasher- By doing this the night before it is easy to fill in the morning and will make it easier to leave the house mess-free in the morning (well tidier anyway). 
  • Check the calendar- Check for any events and things you might have forgotten for both yourself and the children. Make sure that they don’t have any school trips or their own clothes days that you have forgotten. If you do this the night before you can prepare for any surprises in the morning. 
  • Wind Down- Have some relaxing time, no screens or tv and just relax. Read a book, chat to your partner or just have some quiet time to yourself. With limiting or no screen time before bed it helps you get a good night sleep as well as wake up feeling refreshed. If you have also got into the habit of putting the TV on in bed with your partner try and minimise this and just spend time together, it will help you both chat and be in love. 

Start your day right and enjoy the little things, don’t forget to collect moments, not things.

By Tates

Living my dream life whilst helping others live their dreams too.

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