Family Nights In

Bored of the same thing every night? Change it up a bit with different family fun. 

Here are 50 fun family nights in… 

1) Dance party- Put your favourite songs on, old songs, party songs, kids songs. Take it in turns to pick songs and dance the night away. Who has the craziest moves!?

2) Ice cream sundae bar- Make an ice cream parlour station with lots of toppings, sprinkles, chopped fruit, cones, and bowls. Let the kids pick and make their own, you can even get them to make the parents ones. They will love this and have free range over how many toppings they can have. 

3) Movie night- Grab some popcorn and cuddle up with a movie.

4) Lego night- Can you make a city, a house, anything! I love lego you can make literally anything. If you don’t have lego, buy a big set, and make it together. It is so much fun and then makes sure you each have a character and pretend play together, your children will love you being involved. 

5) Go on an evening bike ride- Take a picnic if you want and stop somewhere pretty for your dinner. Your children will love the fact that dinner doesn’t have to always be at the table the same every night. It also helps you get outside in the fresh air. 

6) Play a board game- Whether it be Monopoly, Mousetrap, or Cluedo. Have a little bit of healthy competition. 

7) Have an art night- Paint, draw, glue and stick, build, anything. Spend your night getting creative. Paint rocks, each other, your hopes and dreams. 

8) Shadow stories- Turn the lights low and make shadows with your hands. Each person makes stories to go with these puppets. 

9) Plan days out- Make a huge list of all of the things you and your children want to do, as wild and exciting as you want, and keep that list. This will help planning days out in the future and you’ll be able to see what your children want to do and enjoy, they might surprise you. 

10) Smores and campfire- Make a campfire in the garden and make smores. Enjoy being outside and in the fresh air together. Let the children help find some firewood, you might need to go on a family walk to collect some more. 

11) Tye dye- Spend the night tye dyeing clothes, your children will love making and designing their own clothes. It is a fun activity and they will love the big reveal in the morning. Make matching and spend the next day wearing them together. 

12) Charades- This doesn’t just need to be a Christmas game. Either make them up as you go or write different things down on little bits of paper and put them in a bowl. See who’s best at acting them out and who’s great at guessing. 

13) DIY- Make something together, you can all make a photo frame each and pick your favourite photos, it can be anything! The children will love making something for the house and having it on display. Go to the beach and pick some shells to glue, get some buttons, or other little bits to add to their DIY. 

14) Hide and seek in the dark- Turn the lights off, maybe leave a night light on if the children are little, and hide. This is such an exciting game to play in the dark. 

15) Do a puzzle together- Pick out a puzzle from the shops or order one of your photos on a puzzle! This is such fun to do when chatting and listening to your children. 

16) Play bingo- Make your own cards and play bingo together. Make sure you have a little prize for the winner! 

17) Kids cook- Teach the children how to cook dinner for you all or help them with the hard things such as cutting and putting in the over and let them go wild. Even better if you let them chose what to cook and pick out the ingredients at the shops. 

18) Karaoke- Sing your favourite songs and have a little boogie. You can find most songs on youtube as a karaoke version! 

19) Go on a family evening walk- wrap up warm and go on an evening walk. Feel free to be in your PJs! 

20) Do a talent show- practice your routines, performances, songs, whatever you choose. Put on a performance and have a giggle. 

21) Have a game of truth or dare- Do silly dare with the children and have some fun. Google some truths and dares if you can’t think of any but try to think of some first. 

22) Have a photoshoot- Get dressed up or stay in your PJs and have a photo shoot. Do poses, funny faces, and use props. Have fun and be silly. These photos will be great memories of the night. 

23) Watch the sunset together- Whether it’s in your garden or at the top of a local hill but together and at the moment. Take a couple of photos and enjoy the time under the sun. 

24) Read together- Pick a few family books or read a couple of chapters of a big one, just snuggle up together and parents read out loud to your children. If your children can read maybe get them to read a couple of pages too. 

25) Bake something- A cake, cookies, flapjack, anything. Bonus if you can have a bit before bed as a treat. 

26) Slumber party- Each get your favourite pillows and have a pillow fight, a PJ party! Put some music on and dance on the bed. Mess around and have fun. Finish the night with a pizza in bed. 

27) Do a science experiment together- Have a look and pick your favourite experiment to do. Build a volcano and watch it explode, make a lava lamp, and watch the bubble go wild. 

28) Have a nerf gun war- Load the nerf guns and run around the house and garden trying to hit each other. Whoever gets hit the least wins! 

29) Make a donation box- Get the children and sort the toys, clothes, and other things in the house to give to people who need it most. Donate the toys to local hospitals, send the clothes to less fortunate families. This will help clear your house of things you no longer need or use and give them to people that need them. 

30) Make a play- Get the children to make up a play and rehears it. Then help them pick some outfits to fit the play. Parents sit back and watch your children play. Bonus if you make teams and both perform to each other. 

31) Campout in the lounge- Make a den and camp out in the lounge. Grab loads of blankets and pillows, make a den by tying them together, putting them on the backs of chairs, and anything you can do to make a blanket tent. This is a different night for the children and they will love the fun of it! 

32) Dress up and have a dinner party- Put on your fanciest clothes and make a posh dinner for the family. Give the children wine glasses with lemonade, use your fancy plates, and just have fun with it. 

33) Photo albums- Look through your old photo albums and go down memory lane. If you have photos from before the children, let the children look through them and tell them about your life before them, the backstory to the photos. Children love to learn about their parents and what they were like as children, teenagers, and before they came about. 

34) Play cards- Play different card games, make bets with pennies or sweets. I used to do this all the time when I was a child and I loved it. Seeing who was winning and picking how much to bet on the cards. 

35) Dreams- Write down all of your hopes and dreams as a family. Get the children to write theirs down or write them down for them. Keep these and give them to the children when they are older and see if their dreams have changed. 

36) Stargaze- Watch the stars in the garden or on the hill, anywhere really. Let the children stay up a little later and watch them. Look out for shooting stars to make a wish on. Take this time to talk to your children about the stars and planets and help them understand what is beyond the clouds. 

37) Do a scavenger hunt- This can be anything and everything. Make a list of different things such as ‘find something.. 1) with a nose, 2)blue, 3) triangle’ It can be in the home, garden, or out and about. Children love to find things and tick them off the list. 

38) Make pizza- Make a homemade pizza. Do this like the ice cream parlour, have lots of different toppings and let the children make and design their own pizzas.

39) Let the children pick- Ask the children what they want to do for the night and follow their dreams within reason. 

40) Make your own board game- Get a big bit of cardboard, card, and colours and go wild. Make your own game, make rules and counters. 

41) Camp out in the garden- Spend the afternoon setting up a tent and spend the night camping. Pretend you’re really camping and cook on a campfire/portable stove. Have fun and tell campfire stories. All from the luxury of your own garden, meaning if it’s too cold you can snuggle up in bed or if you need the toilet you can just run in. 

42) Make a bird feeder- There are many different types you can make! Then hang them in the garden and spend the morning watching out for birds! 

43) Have a theme night- This could be anything! A pink theme, Mexican food theme, boys only (dress up as boys), only things starting with T (tacos, tomatoes, etc). Dress up and serve food to match. 

44) Bury a time capsule- Get together a few different things that you and the children want to bury. Take a photo of you all and print it out that night if possible and add that as well as each of you writing a letter for the future family. If possible bury it in the garden, if not bury it in your wardrobe, and don’t look at it for ten years. Keep it buried or safe. 

45) Make sun catchers- You can make these a few different ways with the things you might have at home already. These are great fun and will make a beautiful morning in your home. Hand them up ready for the morning. 

46) At home bowling- Use a few cups and a ball to make your own bowling experience. Clear the floor in the lounge/kitchen and bowl away. Make some fun snacks and drinks for the night too. Keep the score and have fun! 

47) Make sock puppets- Get some old odd socks and draw/glue faces on them. 

48) Have a treasure hunt- Hide some treasure (chocolate coins, sweets, little toy gems, etc) and make a map or little clues to help your children find them. Once all of the treasure has been found get the children to hide them for you! 

49) Paint kindness rocks- Paint some pretty rocks with kinds and happy quotes on. Spend the next morning hiding them in your local area. 

50) Make jewellery for each other- Pasta bracelets, bead rings, etc. Everyone makes one for someone or make lots for everyone! 

Enjoy your time as a family and collect memories and moments to cherish forever. 

By Tates

Living my dream life whilst helping others live their dreams too.

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