Setting and Reaching Your Goals

You might think setting goals is easy and that you have it nailed which you might, but if you are still in the same place as 6 months ago, 4 weeks ago, 2 days ago, etc, you might need a little help. 

In this post, I will be explaining the best ways to find your goals and what you want in life as well as how to follow through with the goals one step at a time to ensure that you are going to be able to reach your goal by the time you want it. 

You might want to grab a notebook and pen and start jotting things down. 

Goals are an important start to running the life that you want. 

Step One- Think of the life you want. 


Look at the bigger picture of your life. 

Where do you want to be in 1 year, in 5 and 10? 

Do you see yourself buying a house, having a family, pursuing a new job, living abroad? 

You can dream of anything!

When thinking of this ensure you cover everything your life consists of such as work, family, finance, travel, relationships, sports, and anything that fits into your life. 

Once you have pictured your dream life you need to think of all the things you need to do to achieve this lifestyle, these are your GOALS.

What do you need to do in life to ensure that in 1, 5, or 10 years you are in the place you dreamt off. 

PS these dreams do need to be reachable so if winning the lottery is your dream you might need to think of a different way to reach your overall goal of wealth. 

Step two- Setting your goals 

There are four things that you need to remember when setting a goal and these are-

SPECIFIC- be specific with your goals.

WHY- why do you want this life. 

ACHIEVABLE- ensure that it is achievable.

BENEFITS- what are the benefits you will get from this goal.

Setting a goal might sound easy, for example, if my goal was to be in a better job in 6 months, great easy, I have 6 months to reach this goal and more often than not in 6 months you will be working the same job, this is because the goal was to bland. It needed specifics. To ensure that you can reach your goals they need to be more specific. So if you want a new job, what is the new job you want?

Once that has been sorted what do you need for it?

Do you need qualifications, experience, money, relocation?

Once you have the goals in mind you need to work on the reason why they are your goals. This is needed to ensure that you know why you want to reach this goal and why it will improve your life. So if it was to earn more money it results in being able to live more comfortably resulting in being able to do fun activities, holidays and buying more clothes. If it’s to improve your mental health then why is because it will result in a better quality of life. But whatever the reason, just ensure that you have one. This will keep you motivated to carry on and reach your goals. 

The next thing you need to ensure when setting your goals is that you need to make them achievable. This is different for the different goals you set but for example, if you were looking to save money for a year you need to make it a realistic amount so don’t try to save £2000 per month as you might not be earning that much but even if you are, are you taking into consideration that you do have outgoings as well. So just ensure that it is possible to reach this goal. 

Finally the benefits. This is all of the great stuff that you are looking forward to when you reach this goal. So, for example, feeling better in your body, being able to move out or buy a house, being able to travel, and all of the little bits that are just as exciting. With this section just make a little note of all of the fun things that come with achieving this goal. 

It might help to write this down and put it somewhere you can see all of the time or do it in a journal. Knowing and being able to see all of the great things will help motivate you to keep going and reaching your dreams. 

Hopefully, by this point, you will know what your goals are and the reasons why you want to achieve them. 

Step three- Mini goals

Now you have thought about your main goals (which might take a while), you need to make these goals into the smallest steps possible to be able to make them more achievable. 

So these main goals need to be divided into mini-goals that are a little easier to reach. If needed from there you can go a little bit further if you still think that it’s unachievable, make the mini-goals even smaller so break them up to three or more smaller mini-goals. 


The main goal- Being more organized within my life. 

A few mini-goals- Declutter wardrobe of clothes I don’t wear, write down my work schedule, Sort out under the bed, make a weekly to-do list, plan out my month. 

In this situation, the mini-goals can also be broken down into smaller more manageable goals that can be done quickly but finished later, such as…

Declutter wardrobe- Take out all jackets I don’t wear, list them on eBay/Depop, Do repairs for anything needed, etc. 

Once you have the mini-goals ready you need to prioritize the mini-goals to see which are the most important and which need to be done first. To make things easy, what I like to do is number them with 1 as most important and go up, and then this way you will be able to see what you need to do first and what is next, etc. 

So the mini-goals are starting to look more achievable and easy to work towards. But how do you still put them all together and plan out how to actually make your dreams and goals real life, this is all in the next step. 

Step four- Plan your calendar 

Plan out your calendar! This is a step that you don’t want to miss. It will help you plan when and how you are going to spend your time and how much time you should spend on each task instead of procrastinating the day away. 

I use google calendar as it’s super easy, you can have so many different calendars such as work, holidays, childcare, etc. This helps to keep your calendar organized and easy to look at as they each can have different coloured items, for example, my work calendar is blue so all of my work hours show up blue and my plans calendar is pink so that shows everything pink but all on the same page so it’s super easy to see what you are doing that day and if it is work-related or fun. This also helps if you need to change your plans you can make your flexible plans green and then important plans red so you would then be able to look at the month as a whole and change what you can if needed. I would also suggest doing different colours as it helps show how much work or fun you have planned so that when you are adding more tasks you can see that one of your days is super busy with work so maybe don’t add it there but the other day if it’s just fun planned you can add in a little bit of work in between to ensure that you are still getting your mini-goals done but without having to be working too hard all day. 

Download the google calendar on your laptops, tablet, phone, etc so you can have it anywhere just in case you need to add anything to it whilst on the go. 

You are also able to add people to the calendar so that others can see what involves them or your plans if you want to share them. I find this super handy as I have my partner and mom on my calendars so that they know when I’m free and if they were booking something they can see my calendar was free on the dates and then they just add it to their calendars and add me as a guest so I can see it and if it changes it will change on my calendar too. 

So once you have got the hang of planning out your days you can go and add the mini goals and tasks to it by setting a time for you to do these tasks you are more likely to stick to them, I would always suggest to treat them as work. You can’t just put off work that needs to be done so ensure that you don’t put off these jobs to because in the long run these jobs are what is going to set you up to achieve your dreams and if you think about it the less you put them off the quicker you can try and reach your dreams. 

I might have got a little off track with google calendar but as long as you are ensuring you are planning enough time and have a slotted time to these mini-goals it will be much easier for you to reach your dreams. 

To help piece all of my life together I use a planner. This helps me keep track of my goals and my strategies on how to achieve them. I use a Gogirl planner (don’t be fooled it can be used by anyone). Its a perfect little planner! My favourite part of the planner is that as well as pages for my overall goals it also has sections on the monthly overviews for me to add my mini goals for that month. This helps keep track of everything and see what actions I need to take to help achieve my main goals for the year. As well as my business goals I also use it to track my life goals, this helps me balance my life as I’m often working too hard with no play. This planner helps with keeping track of my social, health, fun, and personal goals each month. It has the best sections on each page to help with any part of life. In so many planners and diaries, I’ve had over the years have the dates already in which I also find wasteful as I NEVER start them in January so it was a huge bonus that the planner lets you add the dates as you go. ill add a link down below for you guys to look at for yourself, I love it, its the little book of my life. PS another bonus of this planner is the colours!!! I have the rose gold one!! 

Step five- Be flexible 

This is so important as things do change and life doesn’t always go to plan no matter how much you plan. So just ensure that you are flexible when needed and don’t get too bummed out when things do go wrong, it’s going to happen and that’s ok just jump back up and try again. 

If things do keep going wrong you might need to take a step back and look at why they are going wrong, once you know this it might be easier to work out fixing these mistakes.

Step six- Day plans 

When looking at planning to achieve one of your mini-goals it is important to look at your days as a whole. Do you work full time, are you busy with other commitments, etc. To ensure that you use the time in your day wisely it is important to have an idea of how you are going to spend your day. 

When planning your days ensure that you are leaving enough time for yourself to just chill out and relax as you don’t want to get bogged down with jobs and not actually enjoy your day. 

My one rule each day is to ensure that I enjoy part of it. This might be my morning chill out time, just putting on a playlist I like, going for a walk, or meeting friends. Make sure you are living for now and not just preparing for the future too much. It’s great to prepare and ensure that you are going the right way in life but also ensure that you are enjoying it as you go. Of course, there are some days when I just have a shit day and nothing can help that it happens but you can’t forget tomorrow is a fresh start and a brand new day. 

So with this in mind let’s start planning your day. This should start with the monthly calendar you have planned out so take a look at that and get down to each day what you are actually doing. So on the calendar, you might have blocked out a time for you to work on photo editing. Great start but it’s still too big of a task, so what do you want to work on when editing the photos. Is it wanting to play around with the colours, practice removing things from photos, etc? This is a great way to stay on task and not be overwhelmed by doing everything at once but do it in little steps. This also helps when you are learning something, try to learn one section at a time, and then move on to the next thing you need to know. 

On your monthly calendar, you might have a little general to-do list on the side, try to pull out one or two simple to do’s, and add them to your week, this will help shorten that list slowly but ensuring that it isn’t just forgotten about. 

I would always suggest to block out your days to avoid procrastination. This will help you by knowing what you are doing and how long that task should take you rather than spending hours on it getting nothing done due to procrastination. 

This is what my average planned day of blogging consists of-

5.30- morning routine (can be found on how to wake up earlier blog post) 

8- Start work- check emails and respond

8.45- Finish blog post 

9.45- Breakfast 

10- Edit, Find photos, paragraph/section

10.30- Final read 

10.50- Sendoff for trail reading (i send my work to a few close people to ensure that it has been proofread)

11- Edit 

11.30- Meetings 

12.30- Lunch with friends 

2.30- Organise work week 

3- Pick the next blog topic and do plan

4- Research and do basic set up 

5- Declutter workspace (this involves tidying area, typing up notes, check any emails, etc)

5.45- Start blog post notes 

6.25- Chill out and cook tea 

And for the rest of the day, I would do something like walking the dog, chill with my family or go out with friends, etc. 

That’s just an example of my day, all of my days are different throughout the week.

A good time to plan out your day is the night before, this will help you mentally prepare for the day ahead as well as knowing exactly what you are doing and when. It also gives you the wiggle room for quick plans that happen. As long as you have your week/month planned out anyway it wouldn’t take long to look at the day and really plan how you are going to spend it. 

Every evening before I go to sleep I will plan out how I want to spend the next day ensuring that I am following my monthly calendar plan. Don’t forget it’s great to be flexible and work the way that suits you. 

Step seven- Track your progress

You need to have little steps that you can see and track towards the life of your dreams.

These steps are often the same as your mini-goals but it is important to track them. Something like colouring in a box every time you tick off a mini goal. This will help keep you motivated and to also be able to see how far you have come. 

My favourite way to track my different goals is by having tick boxes and colouring in different boxes. 

I suggest to draw a picture of your goal (It might not be a picture of the goal itself but maybe how you will feel after you reach it or the thing you are working towards in life), but if your goal was to save to buy a house, I would draw a house shape and fill it will a brick wall shaped pattern and each of these bricks would represent a figure of money, for example, a coloured in red brick mean I added £100 in my savings or a coloured in blue brick and that means £1000 in my savings, etc. 

Make it yours, do whatever you want to make you interested in it. It could be a picture that means nothing to your goal but the little steps in the picture are great to be able to see your progress. 

Step eight- Keep own promises

In life, you will often find that you put things off by promising yourself that you’ll do it tomorrow or next week. Think of that work out that you were meant to start and ended up putting it off until the next day and never getting it done. So make sure that you keep your own promises! Keeping promises is the best thing that you can do for yourself as you are often making promises to yourself for many different things. 

So keep these promises, you are the most important thing in your life when trying to achieve something.

Step nine- Keep evaluating goals 

When you start to hit these mini-goals it is important to reevaluate your goals every now and then, this is only due to the constant improvement in life. You want to reach your overall goal but also gain new goals on the road to the original goal. If your original goal was something such as lose weight so in a few months when you are noticing you starting to get closer to the end goal you might want to think of a new goal such as tone my arms, get a healthy food routine, etc. 

Reach your goals but before you reach them think of new ones you want to achieve. 

Step ten- Deadline 

Give yourself a deadline and stick to it! 

Do all you can to ensure that the deadline is achievable in the first place as well as doing all you can to reach it in time. When making the deadline ensure that you take everything in your life into consideration so if you are planning a holiday, that might delay your deadline so maybe add an extra two weeks. 

The deadline might make you feel anxious and that might mean you need to change that date or change your plans on achieving the goal. You could change the plan to try to fill your days more efficiently to try to get more done before the deadline, but again this might not be able to change. So just ensure that you are giving yourself plenty of time but again not too much as that will allow you to lose sight of the end of your goal. 

Step eleven- Reaching your goal 

Congratulations! You have reached your goal but now what next. Hopefully, you would have already reevaluated your goals and progressed them further. But maybe you can’t.

By the time you have reached your goal, you might already be thinking of the next which is the best thing to do as you don’t want to reach your goal and then just stay in the same position for the next ten years. So always plan your new goals to try and improve your life. Your new goal might not be linked to your old goals which is totally fine. Once you have reached your original goal you will be able to look at your life and see what has improved and then improve your life further from that point. 

Congratulations on reaching your goals and trying to improve your life. 

In life, you often find people that don’t set goals and just live their life as it is without any of the improvements that can be done. This is fine but if you want to go further in life, set yourself goals and reach them. Reach for the stars and don’t settle for anything lower. 

Good Luck 

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

For anyone needing that extra bit of help with their goals, head over to the contact us page, send a message and I will be emailing back and helping others to achieve their goals! 

By Tates

Living my dream life whilst helping others live their dreams too.

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