The ULTIMATE travel bucket list

80 of the best things to do when travelling! 

This is a list of things to see, do, and experience anywhere in the world and on your travels. 

Try and tick all of these of on your next few adventures! If you have any more of your favourite things to do when travelling, send me a message!

  • Airboat ride across an alligator-infested swamp
  • Ride a dog sledge 
  • Ride a tandem bike
  • Drive a sports car 
  • Explore a cave 
  • Tube down a river 
  • Be a tourist in your town 
  • Fly first class 
  • Go on safari 
  • Go on a cruise 
  • Go on a spontaneous road trip 
  • Go on the longest zip line 
  • Go on a cable car 
  • Go abseiling 
  • Go surfing and catch a wave 
  • Go to a rainforest 
  • See a blowhole 
  • Sleep on a houseboat 
  • Sleep in a treehouse 
  • Sleep in a teepee 
  • Sleep in an ice hotel 
  • Sleep on an overnight train 
  • Sleep in an underwater hotel 
  • Travel to all 7 continents 
  • Throw a dart at the map and go 
  • Visit a vineyard 
  • Travel solo 
  • Go to a castle 
  • Go to a temple 
  • Visit 50 states 
  • Go to a glass beach 
  • Sandboarding 
  • Snowboard/ski 
  • Swim with whale sharks 
  • Swim with turtles 
  • Swim with dolphins 
  • Swim with jellyfish, the non-sting kind- This will surely freak you out 
  • Visit Christmas markets 
  • Horse ride on the beach
  • Visit pink beach 
  • Visit tulip fields 
  • Visit a floating market 
  • Skydive 
  • Bungee jump 
  • Cliff jump 
  • Kitesurf 
  • Ride hot air balloon 
  • Sail a boat 
  • Whitewater rafting 
  • Bathe elephant 
  • Swim with sharks 
  • Relax in natural hot springs 
  • Release baby turtles into the ocean 
  • Watch sunset and rise in one day 
  • Whale watch 
  • Skinnydip 
  • Take a mud bath 
  • Drink from a fresh coconut 
  • Go canoeing 
  • Unplug technology for a week
  • Paddleboard
  • Volunteer at an orphanage 
  • Go ice fishing 
  • Go deep-sea fishing 
  • Kayak 
  • Jetski 
  • Snorkel 
  • Island hop 
  • Swim in waterfalls 
  • Go in a helicopter 
  • Go to a nudist beach and be brave enough to go nude! 
  • Sleep under the stars 
  • Hike for a few days and stay in tents you carry 
  • Go rock climbing 
  • Spend a week with a different family from a different country, learn their culture 
  • Hire a van and travel, even if it’s for the weekend 
  • Experience a holiday in a different country such as Christmas, Halloween, new years eve, etc (bonus tip- Halloween in the USA, if you’re from the UK like me this is so so different and fucking amazing) 
  • Spend 24 hours awake and doing something 
  • Follow a dream no matter what the dream is 
  • If not brave enough for solo travel spend a whole day exploring somewhere alone

I hope you enjoy all of your wildest and wonderful adventures. Remember its not where you are its what you do!

By Tates

Living my dream life whilst helping others live their dreams too.

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