100 Dates- Keep the spark alive!

Stuck for ideas on what to do with your loved one, look no further here are 100 of the best dates either in your home or out and about.

Old fashioned picnic- Head to your local park, woods, beach or field, where ever really. You can also go further afield and have a google of some nice views or places to have your picnic. You don’t need to go far even your garden is perfect! 

Hike- Find a short or long hike, pack your favourite snacks and water, and hit the road. I love going on hikes with my partner. You see so many beautiful things and it gives you the time to just chat about anything and everything. We also take earphones sometimes and have a little boogie walk for a bit. 

Out for breakfast- When you think of going out for food on a date it’s usually an evening date but change this up and go for breakfast! 

Cook for each other- Change this up by making it a competition who can host the best evening, to change this up a little more try it with another couple or some friends. 

Take out and movie in bed- This is the ultimate way to snuggle down and relax with your loved one. 

Art class together- Paint or draw don’t worry if you’re not an artist just have fun with it and enjoy each other’s company. If you don’t want to go to a class just pick up some supplies and paint at home, paint each other if you dare.  

Aquarium– I love the aquarium. My partner and I go to these all the time. We like travelling and nearly always stop at the city’s aquarium. 

Bike ride- Whether you have your own or rent them for the day this is such fun. Find a trail and pack a picnic. My partner and I did this recently in the evening and had a dark ride home after a dinner picnic but it was perfect!! Just make sure you have torches.

Afternoon tea- Find a cute little cafe or a fancy restaurant whichever you pick, you’ll have the cutest sandwiches and the yummiest cakes. 

Bowling- Go bowling together or grab a group of friends. 

Paintballing- If you’re not scared of being hit this is a super fun day out! I was about 15 when my partner and I tried this for the first time it was so much fun. We went home a little dirty and covered in bruises but it was worth it. 

Botanical garden- This is such a sweet date. Have a little wonder around the gardens and stop for ice cream or a cake at the local cafe. The fresh air and flowers are so uplifting on a dry day. 

Castle- Go to your local castle or drive further and explore some more. It could be ruins to walk around or dungeons to jump out of.

Drive through and park up- This is a date we often do and have done more since COVID. Get a take out and park somewhere with a view or anywhere! Put some background music on and chat the night away…

Golf- Mini, crazy, or even a golf range is a super fun date. Bonus if you have both never done golf before. It might be a sport you can get in to together! 

Concert/comedy show- Whether you have to book it months in advance to see your favourite band or just see what’s on for that night and if there are tickets spare. Even if you don’t know or like the band being there and just dancing with your partner is amazing! The same for a comedy show, give any of them a go and there a good chance you can get some giggles. 

Rock climbing/ climbing wall- This is super fun and adrenaline full date. If it is your first or 100th date this is properly something new to try together. Push each other to the limits and reward each other’s efforts later. 

Fruit picking- This is one of my favourite summertime dates. Strawberries, apples, raspberries whatever is local to you. Find a farm and pick away. You can also find places to pick fruit on the sides of roads, walks, etc. In England you can always find wild blackberry bushes, just wipe them on your t-shirt and taste as you go! 

Stargaze with hot chocolates- Pack some chocolate or cookies and head to a quiet spot and star gaze with a flask of hot chocolate! You can even do this in your garden! Just make sure you pick a dry night!! 

Massages, either a couple one or do each other- Hire someone to come over and massage you both, go to a massage parlour or just do each other! Put some calming romantic music on and relax in each other’s company.

Go Dancing!– Get dressed up and head out for a boogie.

Lazor tag- Grab another couple or just go you two. 

Karaoke- In your home or at a bar. Go wild and have fun with this. 

Ice skating- This is super fun even if it isn’t Christmas.

Stay home and dance- Put some music on and grab a drink. Have fun and show off stupid moves all within the comfort of your own home. (share some earphones if the kids are in bed!)

Games night- Try to learn some new card games and play some board games. This can just be you guys or invite some friends over.

Escape room- Work together to get out and then celebrate with a slice of cake at the coffee shop. 

Roll dice and drive- Make your own rules. Roll dice and go. These rules could be anything. For example whatever you roll that’s how many exits you pass or how many times you turn. 

Wine tasting- Even if you don’t like wine, you’ll still have a great time laughing with your other half. 

Museum- Any! Go to your local one, one you haven’t been to and didn’t think you would. Or just wander around an art museum and pick your favourite pieces. 

Horse riding- If its the first time or something you do often a horse ride with your partner is beautiful and fun! 

Farmer market- Pick out some fresh fruits and veg, pick something new to try, or just wander around. 

Thrift shopping- Who can get the best deal, bonus if you pick a few things out and have a competition to sell them, who can make the most money.

 Ghost tour- Get close and be scared together. 

Theme park- Get your thrills and have an exciting day together.

Bake- Bake a cake, cookies, a pie, anything! 

Fly kite- Find a hill nearby and fly a kite, this is super fun on a windy day! 

Sunrise/set- Get up early and take breakfast to watch the sunrise, or go on a hike and watch the sunset. 

Play sports together- Even if never tried it, sometimes that’s the most enjoyable. Hire some tennis rackets, have a game of badminton. 

Surfing- Hire a board or take yours out. Spend a day together trying to learn or master the sport. 

Cooking class- Learn a new recipe, try new food, or just get better at cooking. Help each other and enjoy the class together.

Drinking games- Play truth and dare, beer pong, whichever you chose there’s so many to pick from. 

Take a spontaneous day trip- Go somewhere different, somewhere you have always wanted to, so what if it’s a two-hour drive, put some songs on and enjoy each other. 

Go to an animal shelter- See if you can take a few of the pups on a walk, you may even fall in love and take one home.

Go geocaching

Go for a midnight walk, bike ride, or skateboard!- Find out how quiet your area is in the middle of the night but keep it quiet too. 

Find a puzzle- Chat away as you piece it back together or put an audiobook on and enjoy the time together.

Go to a class- A dance class, pottery, painting, etc.

Watch a sports game and make bets to get it exciting.

Have a bubble bath with a bottle of wine- Put on some romantic music and light some candles to set the mood.

Make t-shirts for each other- Grab a sharpie, fabric paints, fabric glue. Do a silly or nice design and wear them for dinner that night.  

Make a scrapbook- This can be a good way to keep your memories, stick some photos in, write each other messages, stick old movie tickets in and ensure you leave room for the future too. It might remind you to take more photos.

Have a spa night with each other- Have a face mask, have a bubble bath, massages, foot rubs, facials, etc. 

Make a bucket list together- Think of all the things you both want to do together make a huge list and start ticking some things off. 

Read to each other- pick a new or one of your favourites and take turns reading chapters to each other, make it super romantic light some candles and turn the lights low. 

Go to a pub quiz- Test your knowledge and see how you do at a pub quiz. 

Go skinny dipping- Get adventurous and go skinny dipping. This will get your heart pumping. 

Play how well do you know me- Test your knowledge on each other and see how well you know one another! You might even learn something new. 

Create your dream lives – Think of your dream job, house, family holidays, etc (then plan how you can make this happen).

Make a fire and have smores- Make s’ mores by the fire and snuggle together in the dark.

Have a seasonal date – Pumpkin picking, holiday lights, etc. 

Make/go for ice cream- Go and pick out the best sprinkles and toppings or stay home and make your own ice cream!

Go to an arcade- Each gets a couple of pounds worth of coins and see who can win the most back. 

Kayak- Find a river to kayak on. This is a great time to chat and work together on the water. My boyfriend and I do this everywhere we can. 

Strip Jenga- Every time you knock it over, take an item off and start over. To change this up a bit paint your Jenga set with dares and when you pull one out, do the dare! 

Go fishing- Spend a quiet day by the water and see who can get the biggest catch.

Work out together- Try couples yoga or any other workout on youtube, get all hot and sweaty. 

Have a water gun fight- Be kids again, see who can get the wettest!

Have a bbq- Pick your favourite bbq foods and put song summer songs on whilst you cook. 

Play hide and seek in the dark!!

Nerf war- Hide and shoot each other, this is so exciting if you’re competitive. 

Find a DIY to try together- Try a new DIY to improve your home or just to have fun with, you can find so many things to try on Pinterest. 

Wash your cars together- Wear as little as possible to make it fun, get each other wet and soapy. 

Go to a food festival- Try as much as you can, you might find a new favourite. 

Take the train to a local place- Try somewhere you’ve never been to and discover it, go to the local family-run cafe, and take a stroll around. Youll often find hidden gems!

A drive-in movie

Buy each other an outfit- Have a budget and got to the shops to buy each other an outfit for dinner that night. Make it as nice or silly as possible. Thrift shopping is the best for this. 

Go food shopping and pick lots of little appetizers and different fruits veggies and snacks- Make a little snack dinner together and pick at it whilst chatting and cuddling to your favourite show.

Create cocktails for each other- Try new ones or recreate favourites. 

Have a strip tease- Put on some sexy music and dance your clothes off. 

Have a photoshoot- Take your fanciest outfits and do a fashion show photo shoot, help each other with poses, and making each other look great. 

Battle each other in-home Olympics- Make some Olympic based games and compete against each other. Bonus points for having themed outfits. 

Volunteer together- Find a local food kitchen or charity that could do with some extra hands and help out. 

Put on something less comfortable and cook dinner but whilst doing this do everything to not touch each other- This will make touch so much more exciting and the night thrilling.

Play a computer game together- Horror games always go down well in my household.  

Start a new tradition- This can be anything! Like every year on the 18th of March, we go to the beach no matter the weather. 

Go through photo albums and look at memory lane- Think of new memories you want to make and plan days or trips to make them. 

Plan a trip!- The most exciting trip ever and try to find ways you can make this trip happen.

Axe throwing- Don’t do this with the axe in your garden but go to an axe-throwing place and throw away, who can get the bullseye. 

Go shopping and pick out a new wardrobe for each other- Just try them all on and see what you each think! Don’t buy what you don’t like or just don’t buy anything, this will help you see each other’s styles. 

Go-karting!- Race each other and try to win the title! 

Teach each other your hobbies- Show and teach your loved one what you love to do! 

Make jam- Try to pick some berries if you can or just buy some and make some jam with them.

Meditate together- Or at least try or you might just end up rolling around and laughing, just have fun with it. 

Learn a song together- Try using household equipment to make the noises or if you have one get your guitar and singing voices. 

Cloud watch- Lie back and just watch the clouds go by, try and make shapes with them.

Swim- Go for a dip in the sea, a cold lake, or a pool, see who can hold the longest handstand. 

Do a personality test- See which character you are, or even what breakfast cereal you are. There are so many weird and wonderful ones online. 

Draw each other in cartoons- Make them as silly and fun as possible. 

Talk about love- The love you have for each other and then write post notes together but without the other seeing them- throughout the week leave these in different random places, the harder you have to look the more exciting. 

A bonus date- Order 100 little things on amazon/eBay mini anything, have a look the weirder the better! and then hide them around the house, see how long it takes your partner to find them all. then swap and see if the other person can find them quicker! this can go on for weeks!! just make sure you number them.

Have fun with your dates and make them as exciting as possible!

I hope these date ideas work well for you. I’ll do adding more ideas soon so keep an eye out for my new blog posts. Contact me with any new and unique ideas as well as how your dates went!!

By Tates

Living my dream life whilst helping others live their dreams too.

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