15 Of The Best Tips To Wake Up Early

So you want to get up early, maybe to be more productive, to work out before work or to just get a longer day. But whatever the reason here’s the tips that have helped me get up and be productive.

It’s right when they say the early bird gets the worm and I found this out about 6 months ago.  

I have been getting up at about 5.40/6 every day for the past 6 months-ish.  

This has helped me do so much more with my life, like having nearly two hours extra in the day. 

I have managed to achieve so much in these mornings but when I first started doing this I won’t lie it was hard, like fuck this, HARD. But now I find it easy to wake up and be productive in the mornings and it started to be a time in my day that I really enjoy rather than just getting ready for work as quickly as possible then leaving. 

If you want to be successful it is important to remember that that starts today, not tomorrow.

Say if everyone else gets out of bed around 8 am and you got up at 6 am, this is two extra hours in the day to put towards your goals and dreams. 

Ps, that’s 14 hours a week, 56 hours a month, 672 hours per year! THAT IS 28 DAYS!!!  

Nearly a whole month extra to put towards your dreams!! 

But wait…  

You need the drive to get you going and have a reason to wake up early such as goals. You might need to spend an hour thinking about your goals long and short term. 

Make these goals realistic but still amazing and exciting for you.  

So let’s start… 

1) Why  

This is the big question you need to answer before you start this. This was a big wake up call for me. I used to think that I knew my dreams but in reality, my dreams were basic, save for a house, have a family. But this just isn’t my dream anymore and I think its best to have more of a set dream/goal. 

This goal needs to be a little more sustainable, like how are you going to achieve your dreams. For me, I’ve found my dreams have changed and possibly they change all the time, well the little dreams do. 

Your goal might just be to get on top of your life and run it yourself rather than your life running you. It might be to be more organized and tidy or just to be ready for the day that gets thrown at you. 

My goal for the mornings is to be able to put in a little bit of blog work before I actually go to work. 

If you’re waking up for a workout you need to ensure that its fun. By making your workout fun it will more than likely make you want to do it more. There’s nothing worse than waking up at like 5am and putting yourself through a shitty workout you don’t even like.  

So before you try to wake up super early each morning make sure you know why short and long term. Make it something fun and enjoyable to look towards. 

To help piece all of my life together I use a planner. This helps me keep track of my goals and my strategies on how to achieve them. I use a Gogirl planner (don’t be fooled it can be used by anyone). Its a perfect little planner! My favorite part of the planner is that as well as pages for my overall goals it also has sections on the monthly overviews for me to add my mini goals for that month. This helps keep track of everything and see what actions I need to take to help achieve my main goals for the year. As well as my business goals I also use it to track my life goals, this helps me balance my life as I’m often working too hard with no play. This planner helps with keeping track of my social, health, fun, and personal goals each month. It has the best sections on each page to help with any part of life. In so many planners and diaries, I’ve had over the years have the dates already in which I also find wasteful as I NEVER start them in January so it was a huge bonus that the planner lets you add the dates as you go. ill add a link down below for you guys to look at for yourself, I love it, its the little book of my life. PS another bonus of this planner is the colors!!! I have the rose gold one!! 

2) Evening to-do list

Write a to-do list every evening ready for the morning and either have it on your phone or written down and leave somewhere you will see pretty much first thing. 

For me, it works best to have a written list on my bedside. 

This to-do list may just be things that you need to do in the morning before work, it might be things you do every day but trust me writing it down makes things will make you want to do them much more. 

It also helps you think about what you want to achieve for the day, this might be to sort out the fridge which let’s face it no one wants to do. When you plan out each minute of your morning you will often find yourself being much more productive and not spending more time on your phone or just doing nothing. 

On this list, I will always suggest adding something fun or rewarding this will help you want to get up and be excited about the things you need to do.  

My to-do list often looks like this… 

5.30- First alarm 

5.40- Second alarm, get up and hop in the shower 

5.50- Get ready for work 

6.00- Get lunches etc ready for work. 

6.10- Research/type blog  

7- Wake up partner  

7- Tidy room  

7.10- Chill out, have morning chats, check emails, get packages ready to send, etc 

8- Leave for work 

3) Set two alarms 

One that is ten minutes before you want to get out of bed. By setting two alarms it helps you wake up slower. 

What I suggest for this is to put an alarm ten minutes before you want to get out of bed as this will give you a little wake-up call before your real wake up call. I even think if you set your second alarm on the other side of the room. This will help if you struggle to actually get out of bed. 

This is something that I don’t do as I do find it a little easier to jump out of bed after my second alarm. 

3)Open the curtains!!! 

Or if your up before the sun turns your lights on, light a candle. 

Lighting a candle is such a relaxing thing when you wake up in the morning, this will help you feel relaxed and chill for the day. By turning your lights on it will help you feel more awake and normal to be awake. 

But in my eyes, nothing is better than the real thing so if it is light outside get a little sunlight, it’s worth it trust me. 

4) Shower  

If you shower in the evening and don’t feel like you do need to shower in the morning all I suggest is just to try it for a few days and then go back if it doesn’t suit. 

For me, I feel it just gives me that little boost to feel awake, as you see in my morning todo list this is the first thing that I do in the morning. 

5) Coffee 

This is a step that I never ever follow as I just don’t drink coffee. But I honestly would if I liked it, if you need that extra boost make yourself a nice coffee, take your time drinking it while checking your phone, emails or working but take the time to enjoy it! 

6) Make your bed 

If this is the first thing you do when you wake up it will ensure that you don’t go back to sleep, that you don’t just hop back in for a five-minute quick nap. 

This isn’t something I can do right away as my boyfriend does sleep longer than me. But as soon as you can make your bed give your room a quick tidy. 

This will make you feel more ready for the day. If making your bed just isn’t the everyday thing you need to change this. Having a made bed and tidy room will make you feel more together and able to organize and sort your day.  

7) Don’t sleep too late on the weekend 

So if waking up early is just your goal for the weekdays, you need to ensure that you don’t take to much advantage on the weekend and sleep in too late. 

By sleeping in too late at the weekend will make it way worse to wake up early again on Monday. If you give yourself an extra hour on the weekend that’s great but never sleep until till like 10am as this will just make your week worse.  

8) Go outside 

If you can go outside and spend five minutes in the fresh air this will give you a natural wake up and allow you to see the morning. It might also change your mind on the outfit you were planning on wearing. (Being in the UK the weather changes like a drop of a hat, so I’m always doing this.)

Fresh air really wakes you up and makes you feel ready for your day.

 There are many benefits fresh air can give you throughout your day, and if your day is busy or a workday that you spend most of it inside or in an office getting five mixtures in the morning would really benefit you. 

Fresh air is good for your digestive system, your blood pleasure and heart rate, it actually makes you happier from the serotonin you inhale. It also strengthens your immune system, cleanse your lungs and it gives you more energy and a sharper mind.  

9) Don’t go to bed too late 

This might sound silly but you need enough sleep in your life and waking up early doesn’t mean that you should take sleep away. 

I always am going to sleep around 10-11 and this helps me have a full evening after work and plenty of time before to get things done. 

Included in this I would also say try not to use your phone for at least 30 minutes before going to sleep this will help you relax. This is because the blue lights on your phone are harmful to your eyes, making it difficult to fall asleep and to wake up the next day. 

It also increases your alertness at night, by keeping your mind engaged by your phone it tricks your brain thinking it needs to stay awake. This results in compromising your alertness the next morning.  

10) MUSIC 

This is one of my main things in the morning. Put some music on to chill you out or pump you up. Music can help set the mood for the day it helps you feel good and maybe have a little boogie and move in the morning. Put your favorite playlist or just a soft playlist.

Spotify is my favorite place in the morning and throughout the whole day! Spotify gives you playlists you will like, it saves playlists you have listened to and it gets to know your routine and will suggest different playlists throughout your day, such as a morning playlist, a workout one, and maybe your after-work jams.  

11) Ten Minute tidy  

By doing a quick tidy it will ensure your space is tidy and clean this will help when you return from a busy day at work its nice to come home to a tidy space and a relaxing environment.

By keeping it short it will allow you to quickly put away the little bits that gathered the evening before but not get to overwhelmed if your space is super messy. 

12) The night before is IMPORTANT

The night before you need to ensure that you do many things to get you ready for your morning. 

This can be from filling up your water bottle or doing a quick ten minute tidy just before you get in bed. It could mean making your lunch ready for the next day or just laying out your outfits. 

I will be doing an evening routine blog post in the next few weeks to help you finish your night perfectly and to start your mornings right. 

This might be to ensure that you don’t have anything to disturb you in the night so always go to the toilet before getting into bed. If you have pets ensure that their water bowl is full and that they have always gone to the toilet. I know that this can not be helped if you have children or others living with you that could disturb you but do all you can to ensure you get a full steady night’s sleep. 

By having no disturbances in the morning you will feel more recharged and refreshed. 

13) ME TIME  

Waking up early isn’t just about getting things done and being in a rush. 

You need to take time to chill out and get yourself mentally ready for the day this might mean just checking your emails, social media, replying to a text, or just not using your phone/laptop such as read for ten minutes, watch a video, meditate or just chill. 

Your morning should be enjoyable and an easy way to get you mentally ready for the day.  

14) Drink water 

When you sleep you are dehydrating, you go 6-8 hours without drinking so the body needs a refresh and kick start. 

Fill your glass or water bottle the night before and put it on your bedside, this will remind you to drink water in the morning.

If you spend a minute when you wake up drinking a big glass of water you will feel so much more refreshed than when you don’t drink. 

Drinking water in the morning can help flush out all of the toxins in your body that the body try’s to clear when you sleep. Also drinking a glass or two of water on an empty stomach helps improve your metabolism.  

15) Accomplish something  

This can be anything! 

It could be something you have been putting off or something on your todo list. 

When you accomplish something in the morning it makes you feel successful for the day.

I would always suggest having a general to-do list and everything on this list to be made into smaller more manageable tasks so if I need to do laundry but have more than one load I would put laundry darks and laundry lights. This way when you get that one done you can tick it/cross it off which will make things more manageable.  

So that’s it, my tips and tricks to get a longer day. 

Even if you just pull out one or two of these ideas, it’s great to start small and you might also find different ways that are tailored to you. 

I hope that it helps you and starts you off in the right direction to the mornings you look forward to. 

Enjoy your mornings. 

By Tates

Living my dream life whilst helping others live their dreams too.

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